Pope Francis has arrived on the island of Lesbos. He will meet the migrants

The papal plane landed in the morning at the airport in Mytilene, the largest city in Lesbos, located on the eastern coast, 20 kilometers from the shores of Turkey. The entire island, famous for its rich history, beautiful beaches and picturesque landscapes, has become – next to the Italian Lampedusa – one of the symbols of the migration crisis.

At the airport, Franciszek welcomed him Greek President Ekaterini Sakielaropuluthat will accompany him during this visit.

The Pope will go from there to a nearby one center for the reception and identification of migrants. It replaced the previous structure in the village of Moria, which during the years of escalating influx of migrants, especially from Syria, was the largest refugee camp in Europe.

It was there that Francis was on April 16, 2016, and on his way back to Rome took three families of Syrian refugees on board his plane.

In September 2020, a great fire broke out in the Moria camp, which consumed a large part of it. In the new center where migrants have been transferred, they have better living conditions.

About 200 refugees will take part in the meeting with the Pope at the center. Francis will give a speech there and visit the places where they live.

His visit to the island will last about two hours.


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