Popseekl, the app to find new fashion brands with a Gen Z eye

What is the added value of Popseekl as an e-commerce?

Definitely, the experience it offers. The platform presents itself as an app and not a market place, it pushes to be active in the way in which brands, content creators and normal users can interact organically with each other. Beyond the single experience of e-commerce, but creating a dialogue based on interests and a common aesthetic.

Yours is an experiential social network, how important was it to define a user experience that could transform the initial idea into something practical?

It was crucial. Having a valid UX was and is at the heart of this project; understanding what could intrigue the user, how to intrigue and surprise him at every step was the common thread that allowed us to diversify access to the platform. Personalization plays a central role in the whole experience, and therefore in the platform.

How would you define your aesthetics in 3 words?

Captivating, fresh, edgy… And maybe sexy.

“Sexy” is the first word that comes to mind when viewing your page, from the images you’ve chosen to the way you’ve curated the feed. It is a path that we have recently seen more and more brands adopt, from Diesel and Nensi Dojaka to Dior. Is yours a marketing strategy?

When Popseekl was born, the intention was to be interesting, arouse curiosity and still be at the forefront in terms of creativity and research. It is not necessarily an attribute that we have sought, but the result of keeping up with what surrounds us in an original and non-obvious way.

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