A huge battery and a kit of solar panels. We will be able to be energetically independent here in our sunny Sicily accommodation thanks to Ecoflow?

Let’s start withunboxing altogether, which is very simple because the big one comes in a box battery and in the other i solar panels, in my case from 160W, which are foldable and therefore take up much less space when closed.

Assembling everything was quickI put the battery inside the house, and yes it generates a little bit of noise so it is fine inside the house but not for example in the bedroom, however, however, the fans do not come out too much heat so no annoyance from this point of view. And then I placed the solar panels and what used to be custody has become a convenient stand to keep them raised and facing south.

There battery can be loaded is through panels that through 220v and has a display that indicates both instantaneous consumption and absorption, data that can also be monitored remotely via the app.

There battery and from 1.6kWh, can deliver up to 2.5kW And at the output has various sockets USB that go up to USB-C with 100W power delivery, the cigarette lighter socket and even four normal 220v schuko.

But let’s move on to solar panels. Can they really produce 160W? The answer is depends. They have shown me to have great efficiency but the problem is that you always have to point them exactly towards the sun to get the best. To give you an idea if in the afternoon they will still be oriented for the morning sun, then towards the east, you will find them producing 20 / 30W, as soon as you turn them to the west here you immediately go up to over 100W! In general, however, with the right positioning and the Sicilian sun I have very often seen figures over 100 and peaks of 135W, not bad.

Let’s move on to prices: the panel from 110W it costs 339 euros, the one from 160W Like mine 399 euros and then go up to the panel from 400W for which it takes 1,099 EUR. There battery from 1.6kW that I tried costs 1,799 euros and in general it goes from 329 to 4,000 euros based on the energy storage needs you have. To understand which battery is right for you, you just need to know your average load and the time for which this consumption occurs, multiplying them you will get the ideal battery capacity.

Has this system convinced me? Yup! Beautiful to be able to use the sun to recharge your devices, with the 160W panel I recharged all smartphones, PCs and even an e-bike without ever being able to drain the battery!

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