POS, the alert has been triggered throughout the peninsula: “be very careful”

The POS is a technological device that allows people to pay electronically through debit, credit, prepaid cards but also only with the telephone (with special applications). Over time, many things have changed, including the habits of many people, who have abandoned cash and coins to make the most of their credit card.

Very little has passed since the POS obligation. All workers, including private individuals, were “forced” to buy one. Everyone must have one, to guarantee people at least one electronic method as well as cash. This obligation, in addition to facilitating the customer, who has more choice regarding payment methods, was also made to combat tax evasion, which is increasingly widespread. With electronic payments, this is more difficult because you need a receipt.

POS, the alert has been triggered throughout the peninsula: “be very careful”

As we have said, in this last period there have been many changes, especially regarding the POS. In fact, since 1 July (included), there has been the obligation of the POS, but many merchants disagree, in fact they refuse to charge a purchase of a few euros by card. From July 1st, in addition to owning one, they must also make any required transactions, since in addition to losing the sale, you can also risk fines. There fine will be of 30 euros + 4% of the total amount of the expense. Obviously, this only if the customer denounces the matter, otherwise not much can be given, but it is certainly better to make the electronic payment rather than pay a fine of more than 30 euros, for a few euros.

Another thing that is talked about a lot, are the scams that happen with the POS, mainly the portable ones. In fact, since contactless do not require the insertion of any card and no pin to initiate the transaction, they are often scam tools.

POS attention

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