Poste Italiane offers fixed income and premiums for everyone

Poste Italiane launches the new postal interest-bearing voucher for its 160th anniversary. After the issuance of the 3 year plus coupon and the Rinnova coupon, the company is now launching the Coupon Sustainable Savings. Let’s see immediately what it is and what are the advantages for subscribers.

Poste Italiane launches the new postal savings bonds. After that in August 2022 the ministry of the economy has increased rates of return from 0.5 to 2%, to counter the rise in inflation, the company launched the new coupons.

This is di a provision that affects those who sign new postal savings bonds, while the change in the rate of return does not affect the bonds already subscribed which remain at the previous yield.

The rates of return, in fact, are subject to variation according to the phases of the market. It must be said that once fixed, however, they remain fixed for the entire duration of the title without the possibility of renegotiation.

Between the various forms of savings, postal savings bonds are the most popular formula. Some data show that there are approximately 46 million postal vouchers in existence.

What makes them appreciate compared to variable yield treasury bills is undoubtedly their variable yield. Certainly they yield less than treasury bonds, but there are no capital losses.

Given this measure adopted by the now former Draghi government, here it is Poste Italiane launches the novelty of the new Interest-bearing bonds. First the 3 year plus coupon and then the Rinnova coupon, they anticipated the new sustainable savings coupon released a few days ago.

Let’s see together what the new “sustainable savings” postal interest-bearing voucher and because it is more advantageous than other interest-bearing bonds.

New Postal Interest Bond: Poste Italiane offers fixed yield and premium for everyone

As we have already mentioned, postal savings bonds together with the postal books represent the most popular tool for Italian savers.

Poste Italiane has estimated that the 2 methods together have subscriptions for approximately 77 million and Campania is the region with the highest subscriptions.

In commemoration of the 160 of Poste Italiane following the increase in interest rates on postal savings bonds, Poste has been promoting a series of proposals since the beginning of the summer. First 3-year plus coupon, and then renewal coupon, they brought forward the issue of the “Sustainable Savings” Postal Interest-bearing Coupon.

The new sustainable savings bond was launched by Poste Italiane on 20 October, after the voucher “Renew”. It is a 7-year product designed for small savers and families.

It involves a annual gross effective rate at maturity of 1.50%while the returns are fixed and increasing in time. But the thing that differentiates them from the others is that it offers a possible additional premium linked to the performance of the index Stoxx Europe 600 ESG-X.

An index that contains some companies of the STOXX Europe 600 basket of which only companies that comply with the Sustainable Development Goals, have an environmental, social and organizational impact.

Sustainable Savings Postal Voucher, here’s how it works

As with all postal savings bonds, also for the new sustainable savings postal savings bond from Poste Italian there are no subscription costs management and extinction. They are issued by the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and placed in placement by the Italian Post Office and early repayment can be requested.

Self they last for at least 12 months, however, interest is due.

The thing that differentiates them from other Postal savings bonds is that they are issued only in dematerialized form, and as such can only be subscribed through a postal booklet or BancoPosta current account.

THE returns vary based on possession. In the first year the rate is 0.50%, in the 2nd year 0.60%, in the 3rd year: 0.75% and so on until reaching 1.50% in the 7th year.

Interest-bearing sustainable savings voucher, when the additional premium is triggered

The new “Sustainable savings” postal bond has a duration of seven years and allows you to obtain fixed interest after one year.

The additional premium, obtainable on expiry, it is linked to the positive performance of the ESG Index and is calculated on the basis of the percentage shareholding, on the basis of the nominal value of the amount invested which has reached maturity.

As we have already said, by ESG we mean Environmental, Social and Governance. A particular category of companies assessed in terms of environmental, social and organizational choices, in practice, companies that comply with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 agenda.

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