Power outages. How to prepare for a blackout?

In the face of the energy crisis that almost the entire world is struggling with, the specter of power outages becomes more and more real. It is worth knowing what blackout is and how to prepare for it.

It is hard to remember a time when people talked louder about longer power cuts than now. Although this is not a frequently raised topic in Poland, European countries have already issued some statements saying that how to prepare for any power shortages.

Considering that blackout is becoming a real threat, journalists of the energetyka24.pl website have prepared a guide on proper preparation for possible power shortages. Life without electricity would certainly not be easy. Especially if the power outage was to last not several, but several hours, or even several days.

Possible power outages.  Governments warn

Possible power outages. Governments warn

The main risk associated with a possible shortage of electricity is soaring gas prices, which are heavily influenced by Russia. If this year’s winter is as cold as the previous one, the energy may simply be lacking. Windless weather can be an additional problem – this in turn will reduce the efficiency of wind farms.

How to prepare for a blackout?

At the beginning, it is worth noting that it is difficult to find a universal package of products that will protect us against the effects of power failure. It all depends on the specific situation and place of residence. However, Defence24 journalists have prepared a list that should help you survive difficult times, regardless of where you live. All the items listed below should be in one easily accessible place.

  • first aid kit with first aid, latex gloves, scissors, painkillers and anti-diarrheal drugs,
  • candies in a small package with a long shelf life, e.g. hard candy,
  • pens and a small notebook,
  • whistle,
  • handheld and headlamps and lamps for universal alkaline batteries, as well as a large supply of batteries,
  • map of the city or neighborhood,
  • charged powerbanks and a universal branched cable for portable devices (e.g. phones, navigation sets),
  • battery radio,
  • good quality pocket knife or multitool,
  • candles, matches or lighters, which should be used only after the power supply has been exhausted, due to the risk of starting a fire,
  • cash supply for 2-3 days,

The above-mentioned items should not take up much space, so you can easily fit them in one bag or box. In addition, it is worth preparing a package of additional items elsewhere, such as:

  • thermal blankets and warm clothes,
  • a tourist stove with a set of gas cartridges,
  • ice cubes in the freezer,
  • crowbar,
  • range,
  • gel compresses,
  • gel hand warmers,
  • supply of water and dry provisions (i.e. food that does not require heat treatment) for two or three days,

In the case of a blackout, it is worth taking care of your safety and checking if no one in your neighborhood needs help. Considering that turning off the electricity can disrupt the water supply, it is worth filling the pots or the bathtub with water, which will allow you not only to satisfy your thirst, but also to satisfy your hygiene needs.

During a power cut, be very careful with spark plugs, the improper use of which may lead to a fire. In addition, remember to try to use as little energy as possible and not waste resources too hastily – for example, do not open a refrigerator or freezer too often and do not waste energy heating water or food that we do not consume.

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