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Praetorians is a real-time tactic based 3D game. The developer of this game is Pyro Studios and the publisher is Eidos Interactive. It is constructed on the campaigns of Julius Caesar in the city of Gaul, Britain. The battles of Cassius in the area of Parthia as well as the events included in the Civil War of Caesar are controlled by the players in both the Ptolemaic Kingdom as well as the Roman Republic. 

Dissimilar to the majority of Real-Time Strategy games, this game aims at military strategies as well as tactics instead of developing or managing resources. The units get their training from a garrison that is undergoing construction as well as a commander which must be sent to the location for overview information recruitment. 

Each civilization comes with its unique unit pool with units that have different strengths, abilities, and weaknesses. Some unit types are simply re-skinned for all the civilizations, but the variety in units offer different strategic ideas depending on which civilization the player is using. Light infantry units are generally weaker than heavy infantry units in hand-to-hand combat, and are very susceptible to arrow fire, but are the only units in the game that can act as builders; the possible buildings they can construct range from wooden bridges and defensive towers to war machines and siege equipment such as towers and ladders. 
What is the game about? 

Heavy infantry units are very powerful in hand-to-hand battles and have high resistance to the arrow fire, but mostly they are steadier all around the entire map and they are unable to travel on watery or moist terrain. Archer units are not very good in hand-to-hand battling particularly in opposition to cavalry units but they can put siege equipment and buildings to fire. 

The Spear units are in tough competition in the hand-to-hand battles specifically in their defense formation when they can create a spear wall, but are vulnerable to heavy infantry units as well as arrow fire and they are unable to travel through forests. It is an excellent real-time state-based game that can be played on any device for free. 
The cavalry units work quickly and they can cause an outmaneuver which is very easy and the majority of the troops and can work well in hand-to-hand battles with all other units, but they are highly vulnerable to arrow fires and most of them are unable to travel amidst the forests. Every civilization even has access to three very specialized units which are dominant to their basic counterpart. There are different civilization in the game which you can be a part of. You can play this game all by yourself or even by creating teams with the players of your choice. 
There are different kinds of terrain that can be availed in the game. You can use forests for hiding infantry units and to spring different ambushes in opposition to troops out in an open area. Moist terrain avoids heavy infantry units till they cross until it is a location with a construction of a wooden bridge. Terrain full of grass can be put to fire and the troops that are crossing the fire can be killed. The gameplay is really enjoyable with everyone you play the game. Once you start playing the game, you will enjoy the game. 
Members of a group might not kill each other, although there are still possibilities of attacking a joint village or building that belongs to an ally. When a crisis occurs the members call on one another through the line of the message. This game is different from the others because of the resources that don’t play an important role in it. In a maximum of the real-time strategy-based games items like food, wood, gold, glory must be accumulated to be invested in the duration of troop formation. 
If you have played other games of this genre, you must find some features which are common to all the games. Still, there are some additional features in this game. So, here is everything you need to know about the features of this game:

The PC version of this game is full of classic strategies. It is launched on all the consoles for the very first time. You can make use of these strategies to proceed further in the game. 

The action that you find in this game is of a very high speed. The speed of these actions is so high that the players can feel the adrenaline rush. High-speed actions in the game are a major attraction of this game. 

Main features of the game

Praetorians HD Remaster PC Game Download

Name Praetorians HD Remaster
Initial Release Date 28 February 2003
Producer(s)  Ignacio Pérez Dolset
Director(s) Javier Arévalo
Publishers Kalypso Media, Kalypso Media Digital Ltd., Eidos Interactive
Modes Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game
Developers  Pyro Studios, Torus Games
Category PC Games > Tactics

How To Download Praetorians HD Remaster PC Instructions

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  • HD graphics 

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