Prague, thousands in the streets against the government that supports Kiev. And the dead Putin flag appears on the facade of the Czech Interior Ministry

Thousands of people took to the streets today, 28 October, in Prague to protest against the government led by the premier Petr Fialacalling for his resignation, early elections and to circumvent the sanctions supported by theEuropean Union against the Russia and to buy gas directly from Fly. Participating in the mobilization were mainly demonstrators belonging to far-right political movements, independent groups and others belonging to the Czech Communist Party which, under the common acronym Czech Republic First!they asked for the release of the Czech Republic to both the European Union and NATO, as well as asking that Prague become militarily neutral in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. But the position of the Czech government does not change: it remains on the side of Ukraine. And in fact today, on the facade of the Czech Interior Ministry, three flags have been posted side by side, which leave no room for misunderstandings of interpretation. The first, that of the Czech Republic. The second, in which the head of Russian President Vladimir Putin can be seen inside a body bag. And the third, that of Ukraine.

Vit Rakusan, Minister of the Interior of the Czech Republic, published the photo of the ministry with the three banners, adding: «We know who our friend is, who also bleeds for our freedom. And we also know who our enemy is, and we will not allow them to steal the concept of patriotism or our flag. ” After the release of the image, the news agency Eurasia Daily based in the Russian capital, he relaunched: “In the Czech Republic the hostility towards Russia has exceeded all limits, the Czech Interior Ministry is threatening President Putin”. The news agency, in reporting the news of the Prague protests, in an article stressed that the protesters “demand that the Czech Republic stop providing military assistance to Ukraine and maintain political neutrality, as well as start negotiations with Russia. on the supply of low-cost gas “and that” Prime Minister Fiala and other members of the government call the organizers of the demonstrations “members of the Russian fifth column” and “merchants of fear” “.

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