President of Raków took the floor on the departure of the Pope into the Football Legion

Legia has been in the worst crisis in years. The change of the coach from Czesław Michniewicz to Marek Gołębiewski, who is to work until the end of the season, did not bring the expected results. It was after the end of the tournament that Marek Papszun, the coach of Raków Częstochowa, would come to the club, which was admitted by Dariusz Mioduski. The critical situation of Legia meant that the club’s authorities would most willingly bring the coach from the winter, but Raków’s position is adamant.

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LEICESTER – LEGIA. Mioduski’s absurd interview. And on the pitch, SHAME!

Papszun in Legia from winter? President Rakowa denies: Nobody contacted us on this topic

Mioduski’s declaration infuriated the owner of Raków, Michał Świerczewski, especially since Papszun is bound by a contract with Raków until the end of the 2021/2022 season – I do not assume such an option that the coach Papszun will leave us in the winter. Especially since all the cards are still in our hands. At least until summer – he stated and emphasized that no one from Legia had contacted about this matter.

Artur JędrzejczykLegia gave new news about Jędrzejczyk’s health. “We’re waiting, Captain”

Wojciech Cygan, the president of Raków, recently spoke in a similar vein. – The coach has an important contract, and we have no reason why this situation would change. Nobody from Legia contacted us on this topic – he said in an interview with TVP Sport.

As you know, in football, contracts that are often in force are one thing, and reality is another. Is Raków prepared for the premature departure of the Pope? – Just as we scout the players on an ongoing basis, the scouting of people to strengthen the club, including coaches and people for the training staff, is also ongoing. We are constantly listening to what is happening on the market and wondering how to strengthen ourselves. In the case of Marek Papshun it is so specific that he was usually one of the people who also participated in this scouting – emphasized Gypsy.

The Polish coach wants to work for Legia Warsaw! The Polish coach wants to work for Legia Warsaw! “I would take this job”

Legia tempts Pope

Legia Warsaw is tempting Papshun in various ways. People connected with him are to join the club, Paweł Tomczyk started working in Legia as vice director of sports, who worked with a coach in Raków for several years. According to recent reports, the trainer could also count on a record salary in Polish conditions of up to 220-250 thousand. PLN per month.

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