Press – Stall in the sale of Inter, the reasons. This is the question that many ask

The sale of the Nerazzurri club is in a stalemate and La Stampa underlines the reasons for this stalemate

Offers to detect Inter there is no shortage, but the requests of the family Zhang they are always superior to the offers of potential buyers. The sale of the Nerazzurri club is in a stalemate, La Stampa highlights the reasons for this stalemate. “The question that many are asking now is why Zhang does not sell the club since, for almost two years, he has no longer been able to add resources to the club. All the more reason it is not clear why, in the face of these offers, the sale does not arrive, considering that in May 2024 the maxi-loan of Oaktree Capital to Suning for Inter expires. In case of non-repayment (very likely) Zhang would lose Inter which would end up as a pledge to the Californian fund without any gain for Suning. In this context, the strong stance of the nerazzurri ultras arises, asking Zhang to leave Inter.“, emphasizes the newspaper.

“It is likely that this stall on the sale may be linked to the lawsuits that Zhang’s creditor banks have filed in Hong Kong and Milan for unpaid debts of as much as 255 million dollars. A lawsuit filed by China Construction is pending in the Court of the Lombard capital. Bank that tries to attack part of Zhang’s assets. It is clear that, in this legal scenario, the creditor banks would immediately ask Zhang to account for the proceeds from the sale of Inter, identifying in this financial asset a way to repay the unpaid loans “.

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