Pretty Woman 2, the possibilities of the film’s sequel

Pretty Woman 2 is the romantic film that has been repeatedly cited as being in development, but always released in stan-by. It would be the sequel Pretty Woman 2 (1990), which tells of the disparity between social classes that can be overcome thanks to love. The film was written by JF Lawton.

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Pretty Woman 2, the possible plot of the sequel

The sequel was to show the continuation of Edward Lewis’s life (Richard Gere) and Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts): he, as a successful man after marrying the prostitute Vivian would have had a life with her, showing the various problems that also arose in other social environments, such as that of politics.

Actor Richard Gere (read interview) during a meeting at Magna Grecia Film Festival in August 2022 said: “So many years have passed and none of us were so eager and eager to make a sequel or a remake. Every so often Garry Marshall, director and screenwriter, asked Julia and me: ‘let’s see, what do you think if at a certain point the male character chooses to run for political office but in the meantime we got married …’ that the story or the script has never gone beyond this point. So the answer is no ”. Gere confirms that no one expected viewers to identify themselves in such a disruptive way with the film: “We thought it was a small film (…) I understand that – from a certain point of view – the business-level impulse to make the sequel emerges. of something that was a success, but from an artistic point of view it made no sense “.

The sequel to Pretty Woman e Runaway Bride

Co-star Jason Alexander – who plays Edward’s callous lawyer – explained that a true sequel couldn’t be made, because there was already a movie version of Pretty Woman 2. It would be. Runaway Bride (A Runaway Bride) in 1999: the comedy stars the same actors Julia Robert and Richard Gere, and also the director was Garry Marshall. For Alexander, thanks to that film, there will never be a sequel to the 1990 film. “They talked about it for a while. If you ask the inner circle of people who made it, they consider Runaway Bride to be the sequel – she said in an interview with Us Weekly – Even if it’s not the same story, they think it’s the follow-up to Pretty Woman because there is. it’s the same group of people, for the most part. So, no, I don’t think so [faranno un altro sequel]”.

In fact, a sequel to the film could have been made – according to some sources – based on the original script of Pretty Woman. Originally, the film was intended to expose the dangers of prostitution: in fact in the film a social theme such as that of women’s street life is sweetened by a love story, but it is still present. Kit, Vivian’s friend had to die of an overdose and Edward and Vivian would never be together. Julia Roberts in an interview with the actress Patricia Arquette Variety revealed the detail, and Arquette said she read the original script, titled 3,000, written by screenwriter JF Lawton. then in trouble. “That film was really dark and the ending was really heavy – recalled Arquette – it really felt like a dark art film.”

Roberts recalled reading the original ending in the script, in which a man throws Vivian Ward’s characters out of the car: “he threw the money at her, and walked away leaving her in some dirty alley.” The film cashed in. $ 463.4 million globally, with mixed reviews.

Julia Roberts on the movie Pretty Woman and the original storyline

Roberts admitted she “had no reason to be a part of a movie like that.” A few days after getting the part of her, the production company shut down, and she was out of a job until Walt Disney saved the day. “There was a producer who stayed with the script and went to Disney,” Roberts said. “And I said, ‘Did they go to Disney? Are they going to animate it? How is it going to be a Disney movie?” Garry Marshall, the new director, agreed to meet Roberts, showing her the edited script with a romantic ending called Pretty Womantaken from the song Oh, Pretty Woman from Roy Orbison of 1964.

“I think he was a great human being, and that’s why he met me: because once I had the job, and he felt it would be right to at least know me, since I had this role for three days and then I lost it.”

A musical of the film was then made, which arrived in Italy in 2022. It debuted on Broadway on July 20, 2018, with music and lyrics by Bryan Adams And Jim Vallanceand booklet by Garry Marshall And JF Lawtonwith the direction and choreography of Jerry Mitchell. The actress Samantha Barks had the role of Vivian, Steve Kazee that of Edward: they were then replaced by Jillian Mueller and Brennin Hunt. In Italy the role is of Beatrice Baldaccini And Thomas Santu.

Pretty Womanstreaming and on-demand

The film Pretty Woman is streaming on Disney +. It is available on-demand on the Microsoft Store.

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