prices go down again but if you don’t make this move you don’t take advantage of it, time factor

The price of fuel is a real sting for Italian families but fortunately lately it is going down.

A whole series of slightly more favorable conjunctures on the world of fuels mean that diesel and petrol are now a little lower than in the past.


In fact, the Italians who are going to the petrol pump are realizing that the prices they are a little friendlier than a few months ago and this is definitely a positive situation

Falling prices

According to many experts, the prices will fall further and they will also descend in an important way but there are some things to know to avoid wasting this opportunity.


First of all, gasoline sees its own costs fluctuate a lot due to the production decided by the oil producing countries. In fact, if oil-producing countries increase production, petrol and diesel tend to drop while if production decreases petrol and diesel tend to increase. Therefore, fuels will certainly be heavily influenced by the choices of oil-producing countries. However, there is also the impact of speculators to bear in mind.

How to take advantage

In fact, it is speculators who strongly manipulate fuel prices and therefore there is never anything to take for granted. However, inflation is now truly bringing families and businesses to their knees and therefore there are many families who are still having difficulty in putting petrol or diesel in their car. For its part, the government confirmed the cut on excise duties and this is certainly positive. However, experts warn about the situation on diesel and petrol. What the experts are pointing out is that probably in the coming weeks diesel and petrol could also drop significantly at the petrol pump. However this is not something stable.

What to avoid

The fact is that even if in the next few weeks prices can go down it is not said that then the terrible inflationary situation and the maneuvers of the speculators do not cause them to increase again and perhaps even significantly. So what the experts point out is to take advantage of fuel price decreases in the coming weeks, perhaps even by making stocks. In fact, the fact that the price will decrease in the coming weeks should not mislead motorists to think that this is the new fuel trend. and that prices will always go down. So in the coming weeks it could also be prudent to stock up on fuel because the situation could become decidedly harder for the coming months and even important increases are absolutely not to be excluded.

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