Prince William gets emotional as he remembers his mother, Princess Diana, and talks about his own grief: There is comfort in remembering – 05/10/2022

05/10/2022 | 16:10

The longing hit! This Tuesday, the 10th, Prince William got emotional when talking about grief. The Duke of Cambridge was present at the unveiling of the memorial built for the victims of the Manchester bombing, which took place in 2017 after the Ariana Grande concert.

During his speech, the heir to the British throne sympathized with the families and friends of the victims and spoke about his own grief. It is worth remembering that the prince lost his mother, the famous Princess Diana, when he was just 15 years old.

– As someone who lives with their own pain, I also know that what often matters most to the bereaved is that those we lose are not forgotten. There is comfort in remembering. By acknowledging that, though taken terribly soon, they lived. They changed our lives. They were loved and are loved. That’s why memorials like Glade of Light are so important.

In addition to remembering the importance of the memorial, William recalled his visit to the city right after the tragedy and about the tributes made:

– I remember very well the shock and sadness on the faces of those I met when I visited Manchester in the days following the atrocity. And the rawness of emotion at the Commemoration Service, held in your Cathedral right here, a year later. Five years later, I know that the pain and trauma felt by many has not gone away. […] When the people of Manchester gathered to honor the victims just days after the atrocity, you told the world that your music would not be silenced. Instead, you raised your voices together and sang a love song that was written by some of the most famous children in this town. That day, you told each other that you would not look back in anger.

Finally, the prince spoke of the importance of memorials:

– When we get to this memorial, let’s look back with love on those we lost. Let’s look back with love on the people who cared for and protected this community. And we will look back with love on the continuing strength of the great city of Manchester.


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