Prof. Marten: It is imperative to abolish the universal quarantine and isolation obligation only after a positive test

Prof.  Marten: It is imperative to abolish the universal quarantine and isolation obligation only after a positive test
Prof.  Marten: It is imperative to abolish the universal quarantine and isolation obligation only after a positive test
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A positive test result plus the patient’s clinical picture should determine whether we consider someone sick with COVID-19, Prof. Piotr Kuna from the Medical University of Łódź. He added that it was necessary to lift the universal quarantine and isolation obligation only on the basis of a test.

“We are learning this virus all the time and I think we have matured to change the approach to dealing with SARS-Cov-2 virus” – the expert told PAP.

Prof. Kuna is the head of the 2nd Department of Internal Diseases of the Medical University of Łódź, an expert for many months calling for a change in the ways of fighting the COVID-19 epidemic, including in the field of home care for patients by GPs.

“We do not have the strength and resources to cover all people who test positive for SARS-CoV-2. The focus should be on particularly vulnerable groups, ie people over 65, as well as cancer and immunodeficiency groups. These people should continue to be subject to quarantine and isolation obligations – for their own good, but the rest – given that each of us will be infected with the virus repeatedly, we should exempt them from this obligation. We should return to the standard known in medicine for years, i.e. diagnostics plus clinical picture. Only then can we talk about a disease “- emphasized prof. Kuna in an interview with PAP.

He recalled that the classic definition of a disease speaks of symptoms, not just the test result.

“If, in the case of the expansion of the omicron variant, we were to quarantine and isolate millions of people, we would kill ourselves as a society. After all, it is nonsensical, unrealistic and very harmful to the health of the entire population. in Great Britain – exposure of people to small amounts of the virus. Then such a person acquires immunity quickly – without disease. This is called variolation. (…) This applies to all viruses and bacteria. We must be exposed to them in order for our immune system to work Otherwise, it is like Australia, where the authorities thought it was possible to shut down the virus indefinitely. But when people have to be released from their homes – the virus rages on a scale that has not been observed until then. This is normal, therefore the lockdown policy, as we see it. already clearly, it is bad and counterproductive “- indicated prof. Marten.

He admitted that he was very pleased with the message of the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, and the national consultant in the field of family medicine, Prof. Agnieszka Mastalerz-Migas, which took place on Wednesday.

“At this conference, it was finally said what I have been talking about for many months. You have to require GPs to treat patients, come home and examine them. Recently I had the opportunity to exchange opinions with Prof. Mastalerz- Migas and I am very glad that she accepted most of my arguments. Such care should be the basis of the fight against the epidemic. By examining patients from the very beginning of the disease, we can reduce the death rate from COVID-19 fivefold. This is not an exaggeration, these are facts “- said Prof. Marten.

He also considered the topic of the effectiveness of inhalation steroids discussed at the conference to be very important. “I have been talking about these cheap and effective drugs for many weeks as well. As well as about anticoagulants” – he pointed out.

He added that there is also a primary health care facility at his clinic in Łódź and the doctors working there have been examining patients with positive test results in the hospital since the beginning of the epidemic. “And these people don’t die of COVID-19. I don’t understand why other GPs shouldn’t do it. Some do and praise them for it, and the rest must be influenced by the National Health Fund. It’s a necessity. Just like explaining to family doctors that You should not give – as a rule, because there are exceptions – antibiotics from the beginning of COVID-19 therapy. This is a malpractice “- assessed prof. Marten.

In his opinion, efficient home care would significantly reduce not only the deaths from COVID-19, but also the number of hospitalizations.

“Let’s not fetish the number of tests performed. The millions of tests done daily in many countries are masochism. They say nothing, because most of these people are not sick. They are carriers of the virus. We will not cope with this epidemic if we do not approach it pragmatically. With such figures it is impossible to maintain the universal obligation of isolation and quarantine. Really ill people should be isolated, people with symptoms and after an examination determining a given clinical condition should be isolated.

He added that either the people responsible for it will make pragmatic decisions, which is already happening in some countries of the world, or the virus will make these decisions for them. It is not, in his opinion, possible to keep millions of people confined who have a cold or hoarse voice, or even do not have this or that.

“For this you need to take care especially of risk groups. People with reduced immunity would already be given a fourth dose of the vaccine against COVID-19. Believe science, believe vaccination, believe in proven disease definitions and treatment protocols. Let’s go back to normal in the health care system, and health effects. for citizens they will be much less severe “- he appealed. (PAP)

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