Promoting Innovative Enterprises and Startups Led by People with Disabilities or Disabilities: Know the Keys

People with disabilities face many barriers in the field of entrepreneurship, both in access to training and in the creation and consolidation of their projects. This is why it is essential to promote public policies that change the narrative and encourage active participation of these people in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Inclusion does not involve pushing people with disabilities into a corner, but promoting their active collaboration and joint venture with people with disabilities. The goal is to normalize the experience of living with a disability, because at any point in time we can find ourselves in that situation.

We must promote collaboration between people with and without disabilities in the workplace and in business that not only enrich ideas and perspectives, but also provide opportunities for all to contribute and develop fully in an inclusive and equitable environment produces. In this sense, some concrete measures can be proposed that contribute to this end.

Firstly, it is essential to provide training and awareness to teams of entrepreneurship technicians working with this group where people with disabilities already exist. This training should go beyond mere technical training and focus on raising awareness that avoids repetition of traditional entrepreneurship models and promotes digitization, scalability and entrepreneurship mentoring.

Furthermore, it is important to showcase success stories of people with disabilities in innovative entrepreneurship, which will help change the narrative and encourage their active participation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This visibility can be achieved through the promotion of specific entrepreneurship programs where people with disabilities or disabilities collaborate and organize events showcasing the initiatives of this group.

Another measure that can be implemented is the inclusion of subsidies and specific lines of assistance for people with disabilities that encourage entrepreneurship with an inclusive and empowering approach. These grants should be designed in such a way that they promote the pioneering role of people with disabilities in our society as founders or promoters of innovative entrepreneurship or startups.

Similarly, a weekly online meeting point for innovative entrepreneurship can be set up, which acts as a point of mentorship and networking among entrepreneurs. This meeting point should be oriented towards the revitalization of innovative entrepreneurship and the creation of support networks for people with disabilities or disabilities.

Lastly, startups are required to offer specialized training and support, including assistance in the design of calls, a special focus on service points for entrepreneurs, and organizing sessions to deepen concepts and networking. All these public policies can contribute to change the narrative and promote active participation of people with disabilities in innovative entrepreneurship or startups.

“Startups and Disability in an Inclusive World” is a project funded by the Directorate General of Dependencies and Disabilities, for which the subsidy requested under the call for subsidies for the execution of projects promoting the rights of people with disabilities and persons with disabilities . Dependency Status, (Order dated 13th July, 2022).

The action responds to Activity 1.2 Projects for the development of experimental models to focus on a person living in a state of disability and/or dependence. This is within Action 1-Prevention of disability and/or dependence and social integration, which also considers Activity 1.3 Social integration of people with disabilities and/or dependencies.

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