Protest between via Palmanova and the ring road in Milan: traffic blocked

The protest of a group of environmental activists blocked traffic in via Palmanova in Milan, direction Tangenziale Est (A51), just before the exit in via Padova. The action, a sort of blitz carried out by the boys and girls of the Last Generation, took place shortly after 9 on Thursday. This is the same group that for days has been carrying out a series of protests against the choices of governments, national and European, considered too mild in addressing environmental policy issues.

The group, a delegation made up of five people with the reflective vest, blocked the driveway at the exit. Sitting on the asphalt, the demonstrators displayed some signs. “Latest Generation, no gas and no coal”, “Dull politics. What can you do?” and again “Alessandro: 27th day of hunger strike. How long must we go on?”.

Protests by motorists and the ambulance

During the sit-in several motorists got out of the car and approached the demonstrators. Some to try to negotiate – “make the cars go hiccups and you will also have the chance to get people to go to work” – others to complain about the block itself in civil tones, others to insult or threaten them. Others still to understand the expected duration of the demonstration and to try to understand why they were protesting. Others to suggest blocking city streets and not one of the main exits of Milan, moreover near the entrance to the San Raffaele hospital.

After a few tens of minutes, the demonstrators spontaneously got up for the arrival of a 118 operator who explained to them that there was an ambulance jammed in traffic. During this phase, the first agents of the state police also arrived on motorbikes. But after the ambulance passed, the activists sat back on the asphalt, blocking traffic again. Until the arrival of other policemen with the steering wheels and local police operators. A few minutes later, the police then relieved the environmentalists and cleared the passage.

The Milanese protest, as explained by Ultima Generazione in a note, has some specific objectives. First of all, the young people hope to obtain a public meeting with Enrico Letta, Matteo Salvini, Giorgia Meloni and Giuseppe Conte in which to speak openly about the climate and social crisis. The other hope is to reach an agreement that sanctions the commitment of the political force to form a decree law against the reopening of every hydrocarbon plant on national soil within a month of any possible settlement in the government.

The hunger strike and other traffic blocks

The demonstration on Thursday went on while in Rome one of the activists, Alessandro, is on the 27th day of his hunger strike. As recalled by one of the signs displayed in via Palmanova. Also in that case the attempt is to obtain a meeting with Giorgia Meloni and with the other party secretaries.

It is not the first action of its kind in the group. On Friday 10 July, a few meters away, along the East Ring Road, other members of the Ultima Generation had blocked the traffic for several tens of minutes. TO MilanToday some of the participants explained their protest as follows: “An action of non-violent civil disobedience aimed at drawing the attention of citizens to the climate emergency in progress and asking the local and national government to intervene, before it is too late”.

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