PS4 and Facebook, the Support Block Should Be Momentary


A Facebook spokesman told Kotaku that blocking the integrated features of the social network on PS4 is due to the expiration of the contract and that they should return to reaching a new agreement.

The impossibility of accessing the Facebook share on PS4 should be temporary, given that the two companies are trying to finalize a new agreement, based on what was reported by Kotaku in these hours.

Yesterday we reported the possibility that support for Facebook by PS4 was nearing completion, a matter corroborated by a series of testimonials on the impossibility of sharing and access the Facebook features integrated into PS4. As reported by Kotaku, it is actually a block of all the features in question resulting from the expiration of the agreement between the social network and Sony, so it is impossible to share images and trophies with friends through the console and more.

However, it seems that Sony and Facebook are trying to enter into a new agreement to restart support and extend it to include further options: “We are working with Sony to finalize an updated contract designed to improve the integration of Facebook on PlayStation,” a social network spokesman told Kotaku, “While the discussions are in progress, the Facebook features will not be available on PS4, we hope to be able to report these features as soon as possible on the console as soon as we have reached a new agreement “.

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