PS4 is really about to “die”, this time forever

PlayStation 4 (or PS4for friends) is a very important console, one of the best as regards the stock of titles available.

Released nine years ago, the platform (which you can still find on Amazon) has totaled record numbers, managing to establish itself with very high quality games.

Also on our pages we have in fact listed which are the best games available for PS4, a list that can potentially become much longer.

Now, after the data for the first quarter of the fiscal year has revealed the progress of the PS5 and the PlayStation business, it is time to say goodbye to PS4 forever, whether we like it or not.

As also reported by TweakTownPlayStation 4 would indeed near the end of its life cycle. To communicate Sony, which would not have disclosed of its own free will console sales data.

That would mean one thing, namely that the Japanese company purposely omitted PS4 information from its latest report, unofficially hinting at a conclusion of the console production cycle.

Every earnings report since Q3 had a section dedicated to PS4 shipments – the latest Q1 2022 report deleted this section and replaced it with PS5 sales, marking the end of the PS4 era.

However, the predictions were clear: Sony only shipped one million PS4s for the whole of last year, while sales of the console officially hit the 117.2 million units.

We remember in any case that the last nail on the coffin is far from being beaten: in November it will be the turn of God of War Ragnarokalso expected on PS4.

But not only that: in the last few hours, the rumor has emerged that Sony might think about increasing the price of PS5 in Japan.

Finally, have you read the latest about the “challenge” between the digital and physical market, with the latter in serious difficulty (the numbers are overwhelming)?

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