PS5 3D Audio promoted by Sony. The Japanese encourage the use of technology on TV

PlayStation 5 has been offering refined sound on headphones since its premiere, but one of the major console updates allows the use of 3D Audio also in TV speakers. In the latest spot, the manufacturer promotes the solution.

Before the PlayStation 5 debut, Sony introduced the Tempest 3D AudioTech technology, the effects of which could be used on headphones from the very beginning – the main goal of the creators was to provide the best possible experience while playing production on PS5.

However, engineers have been working on introducing the feature on other devices as well – the September PS5 update included this significant change in TVs. Using the microphone of the DualSense controller, it was possible to measure the acoustics of the room so that the built-in speakers offered a tailored experience. Opinions on the solution vary, but there is no doubt that the Japanese are still promoting 3D Audio.

Sony has prepared an advertisement that will encourage more recipients to see the quality of the improved, spatial sound using PlayStation 5. The material shows shots from Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, which should not be a surprise to anyone, because in terms of audiovisual it is currently one of the biggest showpieces of the new console.

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