PS5 could be released in about a week


Some rumors indicate that Sony may well present its PS5 during CES 2020 which takes place on January 6.

Here we are at the 2020 border! As of tomorrow, we will enter this super exciting new year for video games for many reasons: first, long-awaited games like Cyberpunk 2077 or The Last of Us 2, but also new generations of consoles. Among them, the Sony PS5 is particularly expected, despite arriving in a little less than a year from now. But we must admit that so far, we have learned very little about the console. Its design remains notably nebulous, despite some tracks revealed by leaks. But now, according to the latest rumors, everything may well become clearer in the coming days.

Indeed, Sony was able to announce its presence at CES 2020. And for the occasion, the firm invites the press to attend a conference on January 6, namely the day before the show. ” Sony will unveil its unique vision of the future, combining creativity and technology like never before, to unleash new sensations and emotions,” said the press release received by numerous organizations. We must admit that the release remains mysterious, and does not directly indicate that the PS5 will be addressed, but the terms used go in this direction. We can also remember that for the PS4, Sony had presented the console in two stages: a first presentation of the technical sheet in January, then a final and global presentation in June at E3. We can potentially expect a similar pattern for the PS5, although this is just speculation at the moment.



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