PS5, Enthusiastic Third Parties of Sony’s Next-Gen Console


According to Jason Schreier of Kotaku, third parties are enthusiastic about PS5 and there would be no communication problem with Sony.

According to Kotaku’s always-well-informed Jason Schreier, third parties would be thrilled with PS5, the next-gen console coming in late 2020, and how Sony is communicating with developers.

Schreier asked a couple of his contacts to comment on the rumors that they want Sony to release the PS5 details to independent developers. According to these two people the reality would actually be quite different from the one described (at least for them): Sony would be providing all the required support on the PS5 and, according to one of the two, it would provide excellent hardware (devkit ed) with all the tools development tools available on time.

Who to believe? In reality, the news does not deny the other, in the sense that Sony could communicate excellently with some developers and less with others. However, to have a definitive confirmation on the lawfulness or otherwise of all this mess of voices born around PS5, we have to wait to know the initial line up of the independent titles published for the new console. At that point, we will understand if the offer will be at the PS4 level if it is worse or better.

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