PS5: Vendors tag packages to fight scalpers

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November 24, 2021, 15:33

Japanese distributors of PS5 consoles label their packaging to make it difficult for scalpers to sell. One idea is to put the buyer’s name on the carton for buyer’s information.


  • Japanese distributors of PS5 consoles label packaging, which is supposed to make it difficult for scalpers to sell them;
  • The effectiveness of these actions, however, remains debatable.

The battle with scalpers buying PlayStation 5 consoles and graphics cards seems to be endless. Unfortunately, so far most of the security measures have turned out to be ineffective. Automatic bots bypass captcha verification and piece count limits in online stores. However, two Sony distributors in Japan came up with an interesting idea? GEO and Nojima Denki. They mark the packaging for all sold consoles.

GEO simply puts a cross on the box of the controller to symbolize that the product is in use. Nojima Denki’s company ?? implements an idea that seems more interesting. Before shipment, he writes the name of the buyer on the packaging with a marker, and also destroys the cardboard box from raining.. Certainly, these efforts are noteworthy and both companies should be commended for their unconventional thinking.

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However, it is not known how effective these treatments can be. Theoretically, this informs the purchaser of the device that he is buying second hand, and not directly from the store. The method would probably discourage the speculators themselves from buying consoles. They receive equipment marked, so what? incomplete way, different from that in shops.

Is PS5 with a cross on the box in what ?? will it disturb the players? Probably not, it seems to me. It can make foreign sales difficultas receiving a package with handwritten Japanese stamps outside of Rising Sun Country is unlikely to be appreciated. The Japanese should be more understanding, so in the domestic market the effectiveness may be negligible. In Poland, it is not so difficult to buy a PlayStation 5, see for yourself at this link.

It also occurs to my mind that shops might recognize purchases made by speculators. They will not refuse to ship, because the transactions are carried out in accordance with the rules, but they will mark the packaging. In this way normal buyers would still be able to receive intact packaging. But how do you recognize a scalper?

Sellers destroy PS5 packaging.  Is this how they scare scalpers away?  - illustration # 1

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