PS5s in Japan will be marked so that scalpers cannot resell the devices

Access to PS5 in Japan is still dramatic. Stores organize lotteries so the lucky ones can buy spare console pieces, but even in this situation, there are scalpers who win and then sell the devices. Companies are trying to fight them and want to label consoles more accurately now.

Japan is one of the countries where we cannot normally buy a PlayStation 5. The stores have been organizing a lottery since last year and only the winners have the opportunity to buy the equipment. Companies are fighting scalpers and are starting to label consoles.

In October, Nojima Denki, a chain of electronics stores, began to write the names of customers on the outside of the box, and it was even decided to throw the controller out of the box – as a warning to a customer who might come across an auction with such a device.

Now GEO, another seller from Japan, has unveiled new “anti-resale” activities – the customer, after winning the option to buy a PlayStation 5 in the lottery, will have to mark the console himself upon receipt. At the time of purchase, the box will be opened and the player must draw an “X” on the packaging of the DualSense Controller. The prospective customer must agree to this action before taking part in the lottery – if he or she disagrees or refuses to follow the instruction, they simply won’t buy a PS5.

PS5 marked in Japan

All actions are to minimize the situation when the PS5 goes to scalpers who are only interested in reselling the console. Stores want to supply Sony equipment to “real players”, so they decide to do so.


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