PSG midfielder reveals problem with Messi: “I wanted to kill myself”

After the problem, Paredes and Messi have a good relationship (Photo: BENJAMIN CREMEL / AFP)

After the problem, Paredes and Messi have a good relationship (Photo: BENJAMIN CREMEL / AFP)

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Leandro Paredes revealed that he has had arguments with Lionel Messi. In an interview with ‘Filo News’, the current teammates of Paris Saint-Germain were surprised after Barcelona’s 5-2 defeat to the French club in the Champions League in 2021.

“He was angry because I made a comment to my teammates and he listened. He was very angry. He fucked me. It was bad. He wanted to kill me and I wanted to go home”, he said.

However, the animosity between the current PSG teammates did not last long, as the Argentine ace treated the midfielder with normality when they met for the Argentina national team.

“After that, I met him for the national team and he acted as if nothing had happened. He showed me what he was like as a person. Now, when the subject comes up, we talk and laugh, but he was very angry at the time.” .

In their first year together as teammates at Paris Saint-Germain, Messi and Paredes won a French Championship. Next season, the duo, who have already lifted two trophies with Argentina, will seek the Champions League.

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