Punta Campanella. Erasmus of the sea at the time of the coronavirus, solidarity and work online for young europeans

Erasmus of the sea at the time of the coronavirus, solidarity and work online for young europeans. The protection of the environment, unites Europe. Volunteers in 7 different countries to prepare the future activities in sorrento coast, coordinated by the Marine Park of Punta Campanella. 17 young people of different nationalities in connection with work platform online. The protection of the environment, linking Europe also during the pandemic.From Portugal to Bulgaria, moving to Spain, Germany, Latvia, Croatia, Tunisia. The solidarity of the european and extra-european travel online, and does not stop. The project of environmental volunteering, a sort of Erasmus of the sea, is suspended in the field. It would have had to start on the 9th of march, but the volunteers, because health-care emergency, do not have to be able to leave their countries to come to Massa Lubrense, the headquarters of the Marine Park and the Project Sea. But do not give up and not off the spirit of the project that has, among other things, the goal of creating a supportive community of young environmentalists, european and mediterranean. The works continued to be in smart working. The boys are gaining in-depth knowledge with the area of the sorrento peninsula and the amalfi coast, the sea, the Protected Marine Area of Punta Campanella. Together, students who have already participated in the project, and the boys who are at their first experience. Ready to draw up a programme of work, when, coronavirus permitting, it will be possible to begin to carry out the activities on the field, along with the associations and entities of the territory. In the meantime, they made you feel their closeness and solidarity to Italy, hard hit by the pandemic. “Italy has had a huge impact on my life – has written Akrem Ben Khalifa, a student from tunisia who participated in the project and now is a tutor online I discovered a wonderful culture, I have met beautiful people, I have learned a beautiful language, I’ve seen some beautiful cities, I have worked on a reality as important as the Amp Punta Campanella. A country that has helped a lot of immigrants, even of my own land.For all my Italian friends, don’t give up, you were always strong and will become stronger after this difficult period: Italy, a love of the lord.”

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