Put a clothespin on the air conditioning – an unthinkable saving

How to save? A clothespin directly on the air conditioning will suffice and costs will decrease.

clothespin in the air conditioning
clothespin in the air conditioning – Nanopress.it

How many costs are there for the car maintenance and more? Sometimes one wonders if there are tricks to save money, make the vehicle safer and also be able to enjoy the basic accessories in the summer such as air conditioning. Today, consumption is oriented towards very high spending, precisely in consideration of the clash between Russia and Ukraine. The consequences of this clash they are concrete and palpable with the hand, between the expensive bills and that of the fuel. In this regard, let’s see together how a simple laundry bill can save you money?

Air conditioning on, how much does it affect consumption?

Air conditioning affects the consumption in the house, but as regards the car, how should this consumption be considered? There are various studies and surveys on this, but few know that this tool is an active safety system of the vehicle.

Clothes pegs
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When outside temperatures are scorching, turning on the air conditioning means you can get some help in manage the vehicle and the road. A driver who is hot and exhausted is certainly not focused and cannot drive in the best way.

Obviously, the air conditioning has a consumption impacting the car and its components. This works thanks to the energy that is transmitted by the engine, as well as all the components available.

Car air conditioning
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If you turn on the air, the car loses a little speed and consumes more fuel (also depends on the vehicle). If you want to keep the speed standards, then you will have to increase the pressure e press the accelerator.

To understand exactly how much consumption is, we should refer to the type of car – road traveled and obviously speed. It is certain that about 1 Euro of fuel is spent for every 10 Euro of refueling and so on.

Clothes peg on the air conditioning to save

Saving does not mean not turn on the air conditioning and drive in the scorching heat. Long journeys must still be safe and the driver fresh and attentive, even when there are other travelers in the car. As long as the air conditioning system needs to be checked at least once a year, the air could become stale.

There is a quick and easy method that does save on cost fuel (because if the air does not circulate correctly, consumption is higher) but also on that of the interior deodorizer.

Just take one wooden clothespin and drop a drop of your favorite essential oil. Immediately after, it attaches to the air conditioning inlet and the passenger compartment will be fresh, healthy and fragrant.

Wooden clothespin for air conditioning
Wooden clothespin for air conditioning-NanoPress.it

A little trick that helps drive better, to restore a good mood and make the journey pleasant even for passengers traveling by car. This system can always be adopted, changing the clip about once a month.

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