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Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a decree which formally places the Ukrainian nuclear power plant of Zaporizhzhia on the list of Russian federal assets. Tass reports it. Moscow had already annexed the region where the plant is located.

“The situation in Donbass will be stabilized. Russia will be able to develop these territories easily,” said the Russian president.

“The results of the referendums” in favor of the annexation to Moscow of the four Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia “will not be questioned” because the consultations “were perfectly transparent, convincing and objective,” Putin said.

“We must stop lying about the situation at the front”. This was stated by the president of the Defense Commission of the Duma, Andrey Kartapolov, quoted by the Moscow Times. “Now the enemy is on our land. All the border villages in the Belgorod region are practically destroyed. We learn that from everyone, from the governors and military correspondents. But the reports of the Ministry of Defense do not change. People know that. our people are not stupid and see that they do not want to tell you even a part of the truth: this can lead to a loss of credibility, “Kartapolov told the Solovyov Live program.

The Pentagon simulates the scenarios for the Russian tactical bomb

Putin signed the four laws ratifying the annexation to the Russian Federation of the occupied Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. Tass reports it. The text of the law reads: “The borders of the new subjects of the Federation, as it appears from the treaties, will be determined by the borders that existed on the day of their formation and acceptance in the Russian Federation”. Until the election of the heads of the new regions they will be led by temporary interim officials appointed by Putin. Russian forces do not fully control any of the four areas.

The war has entered a new phase, but a dangerous phase – He says the high representative of EU foreign policy Josep Borrell –, because it is a traditional war against a nuclear power: it is a worrying scenario and we must show that we will continue to support Ukraine. Russia continues to have superiority of fire and strength “.” Now we will have a clear foreign policy towards Ukraine, whereas before it was subsidiary to our policy towards Russia because it was dependent on Russian energy “.

Kiev, the Lugansk region’s libration has begun
“The liberation of the Lugansk region has begun, several settlements have already been liberated by the Russian invaders,” announced the head of the regional military administration Sergy Gaidai in a video message, as reported by UNIAN. Gaidai did not specify the name of the liberated settlements.

And attacks with Iraqi kamikaze drones in the night in Bila Tserkva, in the Kiev region: the mayor Hennadiy Dykiy announced this, quoted by the Ukrainian media. “Kiev region. We have information on several explosions in Bila Tserkva. According to preliminary information, the city was attacked by kamikaze Shahed-136 drones. There are fires, one person is injured, damage to infrastructure. It is the first attack of the kamikaze. gender in the area “, wrote the head of the regional military administration Oleksiy Kuleba on social media.

Meanwhile Moscow believes that the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant should operate under the supervision of the relevant Russian agencies, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin said. The main objective is to ensure “nuclear safety” and “the normal operation of the nuclear power plant, which is now located on Russian territory and consequently must operate under the supervision of our competent agencies”, said Vershinin in a press conference. today in Moscow, quoted by Interfax.

Kremlin, the US directly involved in the conflict
Pentagon statements about Kiev’s possible use of Himars missiles against targets in Crimea confirm that “the United States is directly involved in the conflict, creating a very dangerous situation,” said the Kremlin spokesman. Dmitry Peskov quoted by Tass.

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