“Putin is an idiot. Corpses of civilians on the street, they tell us to kill everyone”: The New York Times publishes the telephone calls from the Russian military

“We are a Bucha. Our defence ran aground, we’re losing this war. We have been given the order to kill everyone we see… Putin is a idiot. He wants to take Kiev, but there is no way to do it ”. They call fromUkraine, where they were sent to fight. But they didn’t know, they were deceived, because “they only told us that we would have two or three days of training”. The New York Times posted telephone calls from Russian soldiers from the battlefield at families. Words from which they emerge clearly difficulty And despair. “Mom, this war is the worst choice our government has made. When will all this end, Putin? Damn, ”says a soldier to his mother. And she replies that in Russia the media say that “everything goes according to plan”.

The callsrecorded by the Ukrainian intelligence services, also give a measure of losses that the Russian armed forces were recording at the beginning of the war. The reason why Putin proclaimed a partial mobilization that is bringing in tens of thousands of Russia to abandon the Village, by any means. Among the voices collected, that of “Nikita, a soldier of the 656th Regiment of the National Guard. He tells his partner that 90 men were killed around him when they were ambushed. On a phone shared by members of the 331st regiment, a soldier named Semyon estimates that a third of his regiment was killed. Another describes coffins containing the bodies of 400 young paratroopers waiting to be taken home from an airport hangar ”. Dead returning home in Russia, in increasing numbers. A situation that induces family members and relatives left at home to resort to psychologist. And again: “They looted everything, they stole money. Here everyone does it. There are the corpses of civilians on the street “. The words of the Russians sent to fight – members of the aviation or the National Guard – report “errors strategic and a severe shortage of supplies”And refute the propaganda that family members continue to hear from home. They criticize Putinthe vertices military.

And already in March they realize that the goal of the Kremlin to break through a Kiev it is impractical. They denounce the violence against the civilianslooting and the “moral and equipment crisis” – in particular devices for the vision nocturnal and adequate bulletproof vests -, explaining that they were cheated on the real goal of the “special mission”. These audios, which allow you to understand the situation at the frontwere verified by the “New York Times” by crossing the Russian telephone numbers with messaging applications, a process that took two months.

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