PZPN is cautiously cutting the budget. Reaction to enormous losses after the match with Hungary Polish national team

The Polish national team is not seeded in the March play-offs for promotion to the World Cup in Qatar. The Polish team lost 1: 2 to Hungary in the last match of the qualifying round, and both Kamil Glik and Robert Lewandowski did not play in this match due to Paulo Sousa’s decision. This means that the Polish team will play their first game away, and the rival will be someone from Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Russia, Sweden and Wales.

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What does Poland have to do to go to the World Cup? Playoffs of horror and big money

PZPN must cut the budget by 30 percent. In total, it can lose up to PLN 70 million

Polsat Sport informs that at the Monday meeting of the PZPN board, individual departments were asked to cut the budget for 2022 by 30 percent. The decision was issued by the vice-president for financial and organizational matters, Henryk Kula and Eugeniusz Nowak, who was Zbigniew Bonek’s right-hand man in the two previous terms. Some departments have quickly developed a savings plan and some do not know how to go about it. The training department is likely to suffer the most if it fails to introduce new ideas and has to cut down on current activities.

The budget of the Polish Football Association in 2021 was PLN 250 million. The coronavirus epidemic and the drop in revenues mean that the Polish federation may lose PLN 20 million. The lack of seeding in the play-offs, and hence the lack of income from the match day, will reduce the next year’s PZPN budget by another PLN 10 million. However, the lack of promotion to next year’s World Cup in Qatar will have the biggest impact on the budget. The lack of a bonus from FIFA and the reduction of sponsorship contracts will result in a loss of PLN 40 million, which means that PZPN may lose as much as PLN 70 million in total.

Probably many issues regarding the next year’s budget will be clarified on Friday, November 26, when the Polish national team will meet their rival in the play-offs. This event will start at 6:00 PM. The play-off semi-finals will be played on March 24 and 25, 2022, and the finals on March 28 and 29.

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