PZPS revealed how many applications it received in the competition for the coach and volleyball players

All those interested in the position of the men’s team coach informed the federation about their candidatures in the last days.

– No reports came for a long time. You get the impression that the interested parties did not want to make the task easier for competitors and that is probably why the applications came in the last week. In total, there were six applications, among which there is no Polish candidate – said Tomasz Paluch, a member of the presidium of the PZPS board, quoted in the press release.

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Much greater interest was in the position of a caretaker of female staff.

– The address dedicated to the female competition received 24 applications for the position of a female team coach. Among them is one sent by a Polish trainer. From the day the competition was announced, the interest was high. There are many very interesting candidates among the applicants – said the chairman of the Women’s Volleyball Commission, Aleksandra Jagieło.

The PZPS will not reveal the personal data of the candidates for the time being, unless the interested parties themselves agree to it. It is also not known when the final decisions will be made.

– This is the beginning of the path of selecting national team coaches. During the next meetings of the presidium of the PZPS board and the board, we will take further steps to select the best candidates. I anticipate any questions – the deadline for selecting the trainers will be determined primarily by the time necessary to make the most optimal decision, preceded by a thorough analysis – said PZPS president Sebastian Świderski.

The competitions for senior national team coaches were announced on October 20 due to the resignation of Jacek Nawrocki – the women’s team selector and the expiry of the contract of Belgian Vital Heynen – the men’s coach. The deadline for applications expired at midnight from Saturday to Sunday.

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