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Luciano Moggi
Luciano Moggi

Luciano Moggi was born in Monticiano on 10 July 1937. Manager of Rome, Lazio, Turin, Naples and Juventus, he won six championships (plus one revoked), three Italian Cups, five Italian Super Cups, one Champions League, one Intercontinental Cup, one European Super Cup , one Intertoto Cup and one UEFA Cup. He has been collaborating with Libero since 2006 and has been a freelance journalist since 13 September 2015.

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Welcome back to the second phase of the World Cup. All continents are represented to Infantino’s delight, but the quality of the contenders does not go hand in hand.

There are no new names that can capture the attention of observers, the best players are still those currently participating in European leagues, especially in the Premier League and Serie A. Even if a favorable wind is blowing for Eastern football, South Korea represents him most of all and his group includes the veteran Son and Kim. A World Cup decidedly different from those of the past if only for its strange location in the middle of the football season, but above all for the surprising results recorded, in addition to the fact that none of the winning teams in their group finished with full points. A fact that makes us hypothesize how it can be open to any result, even the most unexpected one, in the absence of a dominant team and a few players, like in Maradona’s time, who alone could lead his team to victory.

Among the qualified teams, the best seemed to be Deschamps’ France, which boasts the phenomenal Mappè, capable of scoring at any time and in any way (and not only that, yesterday the AC Milan player Giroud also sparked once more) .

In addition, the transalpines have a bench of reserves that are worth the holders. On the same level as the French, Brazil which, in addition to having in its ranks full-blown champions such as Neymar, also has a very thick and high-quality squad.

Argentina, however, who started with the handbrake on, found Messi in the best condition and above all in the mood for prowess. Against Australia, South Americans who were beautiful in the first half and less beautiful in the second half, where they suffered for long stretches from the vehement return of the Australians who, until the end, made life difficult for Scaloni’s team.
Considering what we have seen so far, it seems to us that these three teams have something more than the others, which can therefore prevail over all and perhaps fight for the title, unless they have to meet each other first for calendar reasons. A possible surprise could be Morocco because, in addition to entertaining for its sometimes sparkling game, it fields athletically performing players who are excellent from a technical point of view. They won the group, one of the most difficult, drawing 0-0 with Croatia, beating Belgium 2-0 (Lukaku’s national team was considered among the favourites) and finally Canada 1-2.

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