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The extraordinary “a lot per kilo” rhetoric leads us to develop reasoning from another world. Among others, there is the one according to which we poor Italians have stayed at home because we are unable to exploit our extraordinary talents. There are those who see the young Musiala (19 years old) and say: «Look at Germany, give the national team to a little boy». There are those who feast their eyes on the Spanish language Gavi (18 years old) and says: «Look Louis Enrique, gives the keys to the midfield in the hands of an almost infant». There are those who unknowingly love driving on the left and say: «Look at the British, they don’t mind throwing baby Bellingham into the field, yet he’s only 19 years old».

Brazil already in the round of 16: a Eurogoal from Casemiro knocks Switzerland out

And it’s true, these three (but not only these three) are rare and shiny pearls, as well as some of the very young prodigies that have caught the eye in these first ten days of the World Cup. What doesn’t add up, however, is the syllogism according to which you and I, poor Italians, are uninvited spectators at Qatar 2022 because, upstream, the coach Tizio of Tal Squadra doesn’t have the courage to let Phenomenon X play. , let’s define it, “tricolor masochism” which, in fact, does not exist. Well, the truth is nothing but the Mancinis and the Pioli and the Inzaghi they Spalletti and the Allegri choose to clip the wings of the phenomenon on duty, if anything the problem is that in our parts there is no phenomenon on duty, especially in the areas of the field where matches are won, or from the trocar upwards.

Uruguay knocks out with a brace from Fernandes, Portugal flies to the round of 16

For the same reason it was frankly consoling to see Switzerland succumb to tightrope walkers Brazil, even if only for a skimpy 1-0. And this is not because we have feelings of anger towards our Swiss cousins, never, but because it would have been sickening to have to witness the multiplication of phrases such as «well, even Brazil didn’t beat Switzerland, so maybe we’re not in such bad shape.. .». Here, yes, that somehow would have been the ultimate humiliation.

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