Qatar 2022 World Cup, Argentina in a frenzy: 4 million on the street

The joy of the Argentine people flooded the streets of Buenos Aires and the suburbs, and the 2022 World Champion team in Qatar could not complete the route they had planned to celebrate with the fans. With more than 4 million people on the streets, the bus failed to reach the Obelisk and the players were forced to board helicopters at Parque Roca to fly over the fans.

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During the initial tour of the Argentina national team bus, which included a scheduled itinerary for the city of Buenos Aires, a serious episode occurred: a woman jumped from a bridge and fell onto the bus carrying the players. The woman was then taken off the coach, apparently without serious injuries, but she was reportedly rescued by some players after the fall. Another individual, a man, was less fortunate, who threw himself after the woman but touched the side of the bus and then fell on the asphalt.

The first to complain about the situation was the president of AFA himself, Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia, who complained about the abrupt end of the caravan by bus. “They don’t allow us to say goodbye to all the people who were at the Obelisk, the same security organizations that escorted us, they don’t allow us to go forward,” he wrote. “A thousand apologies on behalf of all players. Champions. A pity,” he tweeted with an angry emoji.

Train stations and trains were overcrowded as Argentines made their way to the parade, with cell phone networks also reaching their limits. Argentina’s President Alberto Fernández declared a national holiday so that everyone in the country could celebrate their third world title, won in Qatar on penalties against France on Sunday. The team returned home in the early hours of Tuesday.

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