Qatar World Cup Live | Round of 16 matches: today Morocco-Spain and Portugal-Switzerland

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The live broadcast of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 with all the matches, news, formations on the field and the protagonists

• Last two round of 16 today, Tuesday 6 December, for the World Cup in Qatar. Here the results, the calendar and where to see all the matches

• The knockout phase schedule: the quarter-finals are played on Friday and Saturday.
• Today’s matches: Morocco-Spain at 4pm; Portugal-Switzerland will play instead at 8 pm. And there is the eternal doubt: will Cristiano Ronaldo — returning from the dispute with South Korea when he was replaced — be distracted by the rumors about the pharaonic contract with AlNassr?

• Yesterday at 16 Japan-Croatia, at 20 Brazil-South Korea

• There are those who, eliminated, teach lessons: Poland goalkeeper Szczesny, who explained to his 4-year-old son that one can lose with pride and honour.
• Since everyone has two days off, let’s take a look at the outfits the coaches wore on the bench in these first 54 (+2) games.

08:49 – Morocco-Spain: two peoples who have clashed for centuries now do it on a football field

(Aldo Cazzullo) In the bloodiest days of the civil war, a Moroccan soldier who fought with the Francoists was surprised by an officer with the head of a republican enemy hidden in his trousers; he explained that he hadn’t had time to pull out his gold teeth, and he intended to do it slowly. The officer had him shot. His orderly asked him for explanations: After all, we too kill the republicans. true – replied the officer -. But he was still a Spaniard. Killed by a Moroccan.
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08:34 – Eto’o loses his head and attacks an Algerian blogger

(Paolo Tomaselli, sent to Doha)
Samuel Eto’o loses his head and lashes out at an Algerian youtuber trying to beat him. It happened on Monday night outside the 974 stadium in Doha, the disposable one which will now be dismantled after Brazil-Korea. The president of the Cameroon federation, former Barcelona and Inter champion, was approached outside the stadium as he hurried towards the parking lot. After a few customary questions, the Algerian youtuber asked Eto’o about the referee of Algeria-Cameroon, the match that gave Cameroon qualification for this World Cup in the last minute of extra time. At that point Eto’o hurls himself with kicks and punches towards the interlocutor and must be stopped by those present to stop. After elimination in the first round, after the Onana case in which he played an apparently decisive role in defending his cousin’s husband Nkulou, Eto’o’s World Cup ends like this. The class on the field is a distant memory.

UNUSUAL. An Algerian?? harcle Eto?o ?? au Qatar en le filmant et rptant Gassama! Gassama! . Eto?o ragit et s?occupe de lui.

Dfilez pour comprendre ??

— Carl Johnson (@Crl_Johnson) December 6, 2022

07:40 – Neymar after Mbapp and Messi: the World Cup of PSG stars

(Arianna Ravelli, sent to Doha) Dance Ney, but not alone. Alone, then, what fun is there? This Brazil is a collective samba in the face of the world, without brakes, a little disrespectful, even the coach Tite, who speaks like a frontier preacher, lets himself go on one leg, and never mind if the Koreans wait in midfield, the kids are all in a circle first and then side by side with the studied choreography that not even a ballet on TikTok. Dance Ney, but not Ney’s Brazil. Not only that, at least. Even if the stars, the sky, the people, the teammates on the field, even the referee who awards a penalty for a foul on Richarlison and the stadium that invokes his name and explodes in a roar when he takes the ball nervously hand, they want Ney. After Messi and Mbapp, he is missing from the triptych of stars on the payroll of the Qatari Al Khelaifi. Basically always missing something. The Ballon d’Or. The status of the older ones.
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07:38 – Referees at the World Cup: Casarin’s analysis

(Paul Casarin) The first 48 matches of the World Cup were conducted by whistles of acceptable capacity; in some cases excellent. There Var he helped them without overdoing it. The fact that referees from all over the world have been employed testifies to Collina’s good work in the search for new forces. Also Frappart it garnered widespread acclaim.
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07:36 – World Championships in the name of the family

(Arianna Ravelli, sent to Doha) Family first. Raheem SterlingChelsea and England winger, abandons his national team who must take the field against Cameroon to return to England to make sure that his wife and three children are fine after the theft immediately at home.
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