Quibi, here comes the anti-Netflix bets on mini video


The characters so have had a good game in rake in the resources pre-launch, but also in bringing on board the best of Hollywood: from Jennifer Lopez to Chance the Rapper, Idris Elba, Bill Murray, Sophie Turner, Steven
Spielberg and Chrissy Teigen, while the “mininews” the
material will be provided by Nbc, Bbc, Espn, and others.

Quibi, however – and this is a key aspect that makes it a bet to be played – it is not a platform for video-on-demand any. It was designed for short videos, between six and nine minutes designed and made to the smartphone. An app designed to provide a burst of “quick bites”: small pieces of a few minutes between products, scripted, reality shows and the news. The two profiles offer: $ 4.99 per month but with advertising, or $ 7.99 per month in the version adv-free. The free trial period – also, probably due to the emergency coronavirus – is: 90 days.

“It will be a huge success or a total flop”she told the New York Times Michael Goodman, media specialist at Strategy Analytics. Certainly in these last few weeks, after realising that there would have been no postponements in the launch, there have been reliefs, which are mostly skeptics, industry analysts,.

Concerns related to the period. Quibi was to be the diversion to be consumed in a row by Starbucks on the way in the subway or on a machine that is Uber. It is clear that the coronavirus has changed the framework. For the “tidbits” of the new app, the competitors are the giants from the catalogues enormous as Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+, available on any screen, from smartphone to iPad to the tv in the house. Not the case the title Netflix is grinding the growths on growths. The highest around the portion 390 are exceeded four times between mid-February and early march, then a collapse (-35%) with a minimum of 290 touched on the 17th of march, and then a dizzying ascent (+32%) in 382, after march 31,. And 374, and passes dollars during the sitting of 6 April report that from then on for the moment, you can only grow.

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Returning to Quibito the concerns related to the period coronavirus should be added a consideration of the “historical”.Experience quality video short were made, for example, from Vivendi for Studio+. And they were a flop.



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