Radio Kiev: “Crimea has been desecrated”

A bridge between Italy, where he lives, and Ukraine, where he was born and raised. Slava is a 48-year-old man who lives in the Lower Brescia area and who every evening connects with friends and relatives who live in cities and villages under attack by Russian soldiers. Every day, through Slava, we will talk with those who are experiencing the war in the first person: this project is called “Radio Kiev” and is curated by Tonino Zana.

A Crimean airport was hit. Slava is optimistic, the Ukrainian counterattack in the south has put his head out: “I have been hearing the latest news from Ukrainian spokesmen, for eight years, the first time, in Crimea around 2 in the afternoon today, near a small town New Federivka, there is one of the most important airports in the region that was hit and after three hours, while I’m talking to you, it’s still exploding with ammunition, the warehouses on fire, all the airport infrastructure is out of order.

A large explosion, the first time, I repeat, in which a military structure in the Crimea was hit. The Russians said right away that they were not hit by Ukraine, but it is an explosion from other causes. Crimea for Putin is sacred and at 2 today it was desecrated. The Russians have always said until yesterday that Crimea was unassailable. Nobody is invincible.

I read the interview with the exiled opponent of Lukascenko, head of Belarus, Mrs Tikhanovskaya. I do not think that Lukascenko is in crisis, as you say, I agree, however, that Russia is suffering more than we know and that the sanctions are working. It is true that some Belarusian volunteers are helping Ukrainians. These are all positive signs, they must be put together, not isolated, otherwise the general picture of this cursed war is not understood ».