Ram 1200: the first prototype of the new pick-up was spotted on the road

Anticipated last year by the Brazilian media, the Project 291 of Stellantis will lead to the birth of the new Ram 1200. Although no one has had access to the project yet, several information has come from Brazil about the new compact pickup.

For the moment we know that the official presentation is scheduled between late 2023 and early 2024. The first prototype of Project 291 will go unnoticed by many people, nor will it be camouflaged, according to an anonymous source in the Brazilian media. This is because, in common eyes, it will simply be a Fiat Toro.

Ram 1200 first prototype spy photo
Ram 1200 rear

Ram 1200: the new pick-up of the American brand is hidden under the Fiat Toro

However, the particular Toro features a higher stance and disc brakes on all four corners. In the past few hours, some interesting spy photos of a Fiat Toro parked near the Stellantis plant in Betim (MG).

Here we have the opportunity to see for the first time the Ram 1200, or Progetto 291 as it is known internally. In addition to the increased ground clearance and disc brakes on the four wheels, the front has also been hidden. This means that it may have some aesthetic changes.

Ram 1200 first prototype spy photo

Unfortunately, no images of the passenger compartment were captured. If the Jeep Commander has arrived in Brazil with the status of the most technological car ever made in the great South American country, the new pick-up will take the throne from its cousin, becoming the most modern car of Stellantis.

The new 1200 will be produced at the Goiana plant (Pernambuco) as the fifth model to use the Small Wide 4 × 4 platform. Despite being more modern than the Commander, the Project 291 will share, among other elements, the braking system, steering, part of the electronic architecture and safety systems. On the market, the new model will clash with the likes of the Chevrolet S10 and Toyota Hilux, although it may be slightly smaller in size.

The overall width of the Ram 1200 will be close to the 1.85 meters of the Jeep SUV while the length and wheelbase will be longer than those of the Toro. In terms of weight, not being mounted on the chassis, the new pickup will have numbers close to those of the Jeep Commander.

Ram 1200 first prototype spy photo

Engines expected under the hood

As for the range of engines, the model will offer the 2.2-liter turbodiesel and 2-liter turbo petrol. There will also be the 2-liter turbo engine family (GME) which will offer different power levels, depending on the model in which it will be adopted. In the case of the pick-up, a power of close to 260 hp is estimated. What is certain is that this powertrain will be paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission and 4 × 4 traction.

The other option for the Ram pick-up will be the 2.2-liter Multijet II turbodiesel that can deliver 203 hp at 3500 rpm and 440 Nm of maximum torque at 2500 rpm. Alongside will be 4 × 4 traction and a 9-speed automatic transmission.

Speaking of which, the Ram 1200 will share engines with the Commander, but not the current ones. This is because the Jeep SUV will replace the 1.3-liter T270 turbo petrol with the GME 2.0 and the 2-liter TD350 with the 2.2 Multijet. On an aesthetic level, the new pick-up of the American brand will share several characteristics with the Ram 1500.

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