Ranking of miniseries on Netflix – we choose the top 10

You don’t always feel like watching endless series of several dozen episodes. Sometimes a miniseries is a better choice, as it quickly engages, progresses efficiently, and ends before it gets weary.

Depending on how much time we have and what we want, you can choose one of the Polish series on Netflix, a video game screening or an SF movie. The possibilities are enormous, and sometimes the choice is too large, which makes it difficult to decide on something specific. You then waste a lot of time scrolling through the website’s offer in search of the most suitable title.

Once again, we meet you and make your life easier. We have collected short series in this article. Productions consisting of several episodes constituting a closed whole. Just in time to watch on a long evening, a sleepless night or a quiet weekend. Of course, you can always swallow all episodes of the new season of “House of Paper” in one evening, which its fans probably did. The title itself, of course, has nothing to do with the miniseries category, but in the binge-watching section it definitely has one of the strongest positions.

The best mini series on Netflix

Mini series have the advantage that they quickly draw you into the created world, and at the same time do not last too long. Thanks to this, the fun and pleasure of watching them lasts all the time, fatigue does not appear, and the creators of the plot can adequately deepen it and tell much more than in the case of a classic film.

It is precisely as such an extended version of the film that you can treat mini-series. Of course, there’s also the risk that more screen space and time could have a negative impact on narrative pace and unnecessary fillers, but that’s where we are here to warn you of such titles.

The best mini series on Netflix

Queen’s Gambit – 7 episodes

I don’t think I can start with a series other than last year’s greatest hit. “Gambit Królowej” turned out to be an (un) expected hit of the i platform one of the better titles Netflix has offered its viewers in a pandemic year. Why not fully expected? Probably few people expected that a story based on chess could turn out to be so addictive, engaging and emotional. The creators of the series, however, found a recipe for it, the main ingredient of which is, of course charismatic character of the main character. Hiding in itself chess genius and combining youthful rebelliousness, sex appeal and go-ahead the character played by Anya Taylor-Joy catches the eye to the screen and does not let you go even for a moment. After all, you have to find out if he will be able to defeat his arch opponent, played by Marcin Dorociński. The seven episodes keep the pace and neatly put the threads together, making the show more than satisfying.

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Unorthodox – 4 episodes

A classic example of a miniseries is “Unorthodox”. This story, only four episodes, is based on the autobiographical novel by Debora Feldman i tells the story of a young Jewish woman who decides to break free from the closed ultra-Orthodox community. It is not easy, because as a woman she has practically no rights and freedoms. Her life is controlled by her parents and religious elders, which means absolute obedience. The manifestation of this is, among others arranging marriages, total subordination to her husband and lack of space for herself and her desires and dreams. Esta’s story is shocking and moving to the core. If you have not had the opportunity to see it yet, I strongly encourage you.

The best Netflix miniseries - Unorthodox

The Eddy – 8 episodes

I admit that I was waiting for this title with high expectations. After all, it is not every day that you have the opportunity to see a Polish actress playing one of the main roles in the Oscar-winning film director. This was done by Joanna Kulig, who delighted the world with her role in “Cold War”, which resulted in the engagement of Damien Chazelle (Oscar winner for “La la land”). “The Eddy” is another journey into the world of music and jazz that the director takes us on. This time we land in Paris, in the title club, where we follow the fate of a talented pianist trying to gather his life, family and band into something that can be called a whole. Each of the eight episodes tells the story of a different member of the team, which can introduce a bit of chaos to the story, but isn’t that what jazz is? Music based on the art of improvisation perfectly reflects how unpredictable life and human destinies can be. How flexible you need to be and be able to adapt to changing circumstances. I am aware that this is not a story for everyone, but it is impossible to deny the creators the ambition and efficiency of their workshop and great musical setting. I also found the atmosphere and authenticity of the stories of individual characters here.

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Godless – 7 episodes

Do we have western fans here? Who has played (or is still doing) in Red Dead Redemption 2? For all of them, and above all for lovers of interesting stories, I have another proposal. Let the name Scott Frank be used as the first recommendation. Still nothing? Well, maybe “Queen’s Gambit”? Yes, he is behind the success of the chess miniseries. In “Godless” we land in the Wild West, which means a large dose of violence, strongly drawn characters and the fight between good and evil. He is a villain brilliantly played by Jeff Daniels, he is a talented gunslinger, and there is a city inhabited almost entirely by women. I know how it happened, but of course I will not reveal it, but it is clear that all these characters must, of course, intersect. As in western, there is no shortage of shootings, spectacular duels and harmonious wild-western themes given in a new way. It’s worth it.

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Russian Doll – 8 episodes

Do you like Groundhog Day? A rhetorical question – is there anyone who doesn’t like him? Then you must see “Russian Doll”. It is very successful variation on the time loop theme. But while Bill Murray is a walking definition of a likable character, yes Nadia (played by the amazing Natasha Lyonne) is at the other extreme of this scale. She is brazen, arrogant, vulgar, but also deliciously ironic and gifted with an exceptionally black sense of humor. In a word – a perfect heroine to die in dozens of different ways. And that’s what it will do. By stubbornly trying to break free from the cursed loop, it will get into bizarre situations to wake up in the middle of a certain party each time and start over. We will be cheering for it for eight episodes, but since they last no more than half an hour, there is a good chance that we will know the whole story in one evening. Well, almost all, because the creators announced the second season. As long as it is not there yet, you can still treat “Russian doll” as a mini-series.

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As they see us – 4 episodes

Another title that you just don’t want to know. However, I warn you that it will not be a light, easy and pleasant session. This a factual story depicting the fate of five black boys who were wrongly accused and, above all, sentenced for something they did not commit. It is a shocking story that shows how systemic racism, prejudices and the ease of passing judgment can destroy people’s lives. When the system does not function properly, anyone who does not fall within the accepted majority is exposed to the risk of falling victim to the soulless “justice” machine.

Best Netflix Miniseries - How They See Us

The Spy – 6 episodes

Borat a spy? Does it have the right to go? Well, not only can it, but it has worked. “The Spy” is a piece of solidly told storywhich is based on real (though fictionalized) events. The mini-series, closed in six episodes, introduces us to Eli Cohen, an Israeli spy who infiltrates Syria. Wandering between truth and lies, living in constant danger, he serves his homeland, paying a very high bill for it. If you haven’t realized how an efficient actor is Sacha Baron Cohen, “The Spy” will finally convince you of that. Created by him the character is authentic, evokes emotions and attracts to the screen like a magnet.

Best Netflix Miniseries - The Spy

Grace and Grace – 6 episodes

For fans of stories closed in the form of a mini-series, the production of “Grace and Grace” is also worth recommending. This is an ambiguous story about a servant sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of her employer. The series constantly confuses the clues, giving a lot of room for the imagination and suspicion of viewers. Is the main character actually guilty of the alleged acts? Or maybe there is a bottom line to the whole story? The series is perfectly produced with great attention to historical detailsand at the same time brilliantly and convincingly played. For lovers of prose Margaret Atwood (the author of the original book and the producer of the series) is a must-have.

Best Netflix Miniseries - Grace and Grace

Maniac – 8 episodes

It’s also worth giving the miniseries “Maniac” a chance. It tells the story of two lost in life young people (Emma Stone and Jonah Hill) who take a new drug for schizophrenia and other disorders in an experimental study. Reality is constantly mixed with fiction, memories with hallucinations, and in this way the main characters are as lost as the audience. In the form of short episodes, many film genres have been successfully combined – from sci-fi, through fantasy, to action movies. Interesting experiment that is good to know.

Best Netflix Miniseries - Maniac

The Last Dance – 10 Episodes

Finally, something that may hardly be called a miniseries, because it has 10 episodes, but let me bend the rules a bit (only slightly – I watched the whole thing myself in one weekend). “The last dance” is a unique opportunity to go back in time to the moment when Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were at the top of the NBA. Accompanying them throughout the last season together, we will learn a lot of stories from the most important players (with Jordan at the helm), behind-the-scenes games and unknown facts that the fans could not have known at the time. First of all, we will be able to admire what the competition on the NBA courts looked like in the past, and looking at today’s standards, one may be tempted to say that it was a completely different sport. Much more contact, sharp and dynamic where more than three-point throwing skills mattered.

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Good mini series on Netflix

Of course, these are not all the short series worth watching on Netflix. My choice is highly subjective, so I’m sure that the comments will include additional suggestions for titles that are particularly noteworthy. I count on it myself, because there are never too many valuable recommendations.

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