Rapper leaves the franchise and is making a big mistake

The fast and the furious is one of the biggest franchises in the world currently, but no one thought that in 2001.

What began as the story of the chase races and now is an epic, full of explosions and conspiracies of the major agents and thieves. From the point of view of money, fast and furious was a car to collect money.

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One of the people who have not been able to anticipate this and be spared, was rapper Ja Rule.

Ja Rule was the first role in the fast and the furious, 2001. He understands, Edwin, arrogant street.

As prescribed in the Observatory, the Film, directed by John singleton had big plans for Edwina, and I wanted to include it in the + Fast + Birds in a very important role.

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In addition, wages grow much: US$ 500 thousand for the project. However, I Rule, was not happy and never listened to links to manufacturers that they wanted to talk about + Fast + Birds.

The rapper explained that I would like to take a more serious, and finally to the title role In the death row, Steven Seagal.

But not everything happened as he planned. Ja Rule’s career in movies never took off, as he had intended, and missed the chance to become an important figure in the world, Fast and Furious.

Not I Rule as Edwin, manufacturers + Fast + Birds created This is interpreted also rapper Ludacris.

Exceeding expectations, This has become a popular name, Fast and Furious. With the fast and the furious 5, he appeared in all films in the series.

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9 fast and furious will arrive in theaters in April 2021.

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