Raspadori in Naples, Carnivals in the open: “We didn’t want to”

Giacomo Raspadori is the face of this football week. With Italy he imposed himself as match winner in the match against England and also with the Naplesin the last period, it has shown itself capable of excellent numbers.

His future seems already written: by continuing to work hard and improve, he could become the face of Italy and Naples of the future.

Raspadori (Getty Images)

Carnevali on Raspadori: “Right to sell it to Naples”

Present atSports Festival‘, organized in Trento by The Gazzetta dello Sportthe managing director of Sassuolo John Carnivals he gave an interview to TMW’s microphones in which he also spoke about Giacomo Raspadori and the transfer to Naples.

“I was at San Siro and I rejoiced a lot because I am very attached to a fantastic guy, as well as a player of great quality. We didn’t want to sell it, but we knew that in the face of such opportunities it was something right to do ”.

Winter transfer market?It will be all to be discovered. The season is very special, with even the stop for the World Cup in the middle: we don’t know what will happen. I hope that at least it will be a better market than the summer one, which has really been very stagnant“.

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