“Raspadori? There is distance between Naples and Sassuolo, I’ll explain how things are”

Sky, Marchetti: Raspadori?  There is distance between Naples and Sassuolo, I'll explain how things are

Latest transfer market Napoli Marchetti on the latest negotiations of the Azzurri

Luca Marchettijournalist and Sky market expert, spoke about the negotiation between Naples and Sassuolo for Giacomo Raspadori to the microphones of Sky Sport 24:

Marchetti on the Naples market

“Before the weekend we said that it didn’t seem difficult to go and close this operation, because only a couple of million euros were dancing. Instead these 2 million are almost an insurmountable mountain. According to Sassuolo Raspadori is worth a total of 35 million, the neroverde club does not want to move from the fixed base threshold of 30 million to which Napoli does not want to reach because it believes it has already offered enough by offering a total of 32-32 million. It is a bit of a poker game, Sassuolo risks keeping the player for another year without renewing him. The neroverde club is also fine with this eventuality even if it risks selling it for less next year. Napoli, on the other hand, has taken Simeone and is getting along well with 4-3-3, they want Raspadori but perhaps they need a midfielder more. Napoli would still like to make three more hits: Navas, Ndombele and Raspadori. It will be necessary to understand if this psychological threshold of 30 million euros will be knocked down by one of the two clubs ”.

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