Razer Viper Takes eSports to the Next Level with New Optical Switches

Razer Viper

Three times faster in-game implementation speed with the company’s new tournament mouse

Razer presents Razer Viper, an ultralight gaming mouse designed in collaboration with professional export athletes and equipped with the new Optical Mouse Switch. With a 5G optical sensor and Speedflex cable that minimizes drag, Razer Viper has been optimized to offer absolute control in tournaments.

Viper is the first Razer mouse to have the Optical Mouse Switches, the fastest ever produced by the company, which offer three times faster implementation speeds than traditional mechanical switches.

These send electrical signals through a metallic contact, creating a residual rebound effect that starts multiple signals. To ensure that only a single click is recorded, a delay in the debounce is used, which causes slower response times.

With optical switches, no contact is required to send the signal. Using an infrared beam that passes through a shutter to trigger an electrical signal on the computer, the switches respond instantly to every type of finger pressure, making sure that any action is performed according to the player’s intentions.

With a life cycle of around 70 million clicks, Razer’s Optical Mouse Switches are designed to withstand the stresses of competitive matches, while ensuring the speed and accuracy required by athletes.

Razer Viper is already available worldwide for the price of  89.99 euros.

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