Razzie, Drew Barrymore enraged by Ryan nomination Keira Armstrong: “Don’t do it again”

Despite the public apology and the withdrawal of the nomination, the controversy around the Razzie Awards continues after the decision to nominate the very young actress among the worst performances of the film year just ended Ryan Keira Armstrongprotagonist of the recent remake Firestarter.

A few hours ago also Drew Barrymore, who played the character of Armstrong in the film adaptation of novel by Stephen King 1984’s Uncontrollable Paranormal Phenomena heavily criticized the Razzies. The ET-The Extra-Terrestrial star was 9 years old when she starred in the first film and immediately stood up for Armstrong.

“This thing makes my blood boil. Please don’t do this to young people. It’s not nice. And I really like Ryan […] Don’t do it again” declared the actress during her The Drew Barrymore Show.

In the past few hours, the co-founder of the Razzie, John Wilson, has apologized and declared that no more people aged 18 or under will be candidates. You can read all the 2023 Razzie nominations on our website.
Ryan Keira Armstrong played Charlie McGee in the film with Zac Efron and directed by Keith Thomas.

The apologies from the Razzies have not calmed public opinion, furious at the treatment reserved for such a young actress, albeit in a goliardic and ironic context. In the past, other very young actors were also nominated for Razzies such as Jake Lloyd for The Phantom Menace and Macaulay Culkin for three different films including Richie Rich.

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