Real estate. Apartments in Warsaw are still the most expensive in Poland

The above data was published by Rednet Consulting in a report on the situation in the six largest residential markets in Poland in Q3 2021.

“The capital remains by far the most expensive city – we will pay an average of PLN 12,325 per sqm. The Tricity comes second with an average asking price of PLN 11,387, and the cheapest flat is in Łódź – PLN 7,854 per sqm.” – stated in the report.

It added that the increase in apartment prices was the lowest in Warsaw, where prices for 1 sq m. rose by 1.16 percent in the third quarter. compared to the second quarter of 2021. Prices grew the most in Łódź, where the quarterly price increase was 6%. The report states that in recent quarters the demand for flats has been so high that the offer of development units both in Warsaw and in the four other largest regions of the country has been decreasing.

“In the third quarter of 2021, we recorded the second lowest housing offer in the capital since 2015, at the level of 11,499 apartments. The offer of developer apartments last year did not decrease only in Łódź, where at the end of the third quarter of 2021 it reached the highest level in history – 4,819 apartments residential “- stated in the report of the company Rednet Consulting.

The report shows that it is difficult to expect a drop in home prices, but there is a chance that their growth will slow down.

– In the coming months, however, there may be a slight slowdown in price growth. This is, among others, due to the tightening of monetary policy. Raising interest rates may cause the demand in the entire real estate market to weaken, but it will have the greatest impact on the segment of popular standard apartments with lower prices, where the purchase is more often financed with a loan – said Ewa Palus, head of department at Rednet Consulting, quoted in the press release.



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