REALLY? Germán Márquez pitches complete game with only 62 pitches

In today’s baseball, complete games are still a rarity, but this Thursday Germán Márquez not only was in charge of throwing one but he did it with only 62 pitches.

Yes, the Rockies pitcher was credited with a complete game in the first of the two doubleheader duels between Colorado and the New York Mets, having thrown only six innings, since losing 1-0, he did not return to the center of the diamond in the bottom of the seventh inning.

Unlike what happens with a game without a hit or a run in a duel of fewer than 9 rounds, which is not validated as such, the complete game is credited in such a circumstance since the game is considered official.

With this, Márquez becomes the first pitcher to throw a complete game with 62 pitches or less since Iván Nova did it with the Pittsburgh Pirates on September 29, 2016, in a clash that was cut by the rain seeing him throw only 5.1 tickets.

What Germán did do is set the new Rockies record for the fewest pitches in a complete game, surpassing the record of 74 that belonged to Aaron Cook, who set it in a nine-inning game on July 25, 2007.

Just as an extra piece of information, there have been 21 pitchers this season who have launched the entire route, but Márquez is the only one who has done it twice so far. Seventh Inning

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