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Machines have “mysteries”. Obviously, these are not big hidden truths, but small curiosities that motorists would like to get rid of. This is why it is good to know your vehicle better to understand how and why some components have a certain shape, behave in certain ways and so on.

A key component of the car are the windows. They allow you to better regulate the internal temperature, to pass objects from outside without having to get off, to pay at the toll booth in comfort and a number of other things. A car without windows would not be optimal at all, on the contrary it would be lacking in one of its fundamental components.

In fact, when it comes to windows, what interests the curious, more than their function, is their shape. The windows are designed to be built in an optimal way, ensuring the maximum possible comfort and, at the same time, allowing the car to circulate without any problems whatsoever.

This is why the windows have a certain shape, size and never open completely. It is a conscious choice of the manufacturers, who, knowing the vehicle, have assessed the size and shape to the best of their ability. Don’t think that because the window, for example, never opens completely, there is something wrong with the car or that there have been problems in production.

The shape is in fact studied for a reason, and the impossibility of opening completely has its own logic. In fact, in some cars, a window that opens completely could be even dangerous for the cars, or require extremely expensive materials and equipment. able to greatly increase the price of the vehicle.

The window that does not open

Whether or not the window can fully drop depends on its position and the shape of the car. In fact, not all rear windows do not open fully, but it depends on the shape of the car. In fact, this function is due to the presence or absence of the mudguard under the glass.

The difference is all there. Simply, cars with glass above the fender will never have windows that open fully. There is simply not enough space and to make it go down completely you will have to divide the glass into two parts: one fixed above the wheel arch and one sliding, which descends completely.

It therefore depends on the type of car, the possibility or not to open the rear window completely, so it is good to inquire before purchasing if it is considered essential to be able to lower it completely.

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