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Thinking positive is not enough, you also have to be positive and work.

Because one concern is not to hurt others but… wouldn’t it be better to focus on trying to make them feel better?

Positive thinking is the way to lead an advanced and healthy life, but it is not sufficient for a full and valuable life. To make life better, all those wishes and ideas must be consciously applied and put into practice.

Positive thinking focuses on looking on the bright side of situations and maintaining an optimistic attitude without denying or obsessing over reality. It can be said that positive thinking involves developing an optimistic mindset, envisioning possibilities and opportunities instead of focusing on potential obstacles and limitations.

When a person develops his positive thinking, he becomes a resilient creature who can overcome adversity by having the strength to overcome his challenges with an attitude of perseverance and encouraging his progress.

Positive thinking promotes appreciation for good things. When this happens, the person is associated with great and inspiring feelings that indicate their well-being and happiness. It facilitates the development of a positive self-perception and a better attitude of self-confidence.

Positive thoughts are valuable and necessary for a better quality of life, improving self-esteem, boosting motivation, and success in achieving personal goals and dreams.

But… just having positive thoughts is not enough. If it doesn’t apply to them they are lost. Any idea that doesn’t translate into action wears out over time.

Treating yourself and others positively makes a huge difference to how you feel about yourself and how you engage with the world.

how to act positive

accept others. Pay attention to the dialogue with others, study their expressions and the way they act, sometimes the words one does not want to hear or the things one does not say, but the expressions one does are much more valuable.

When you think positively, imagine what your words will look like when they come true, that is, try to act on what you are thinking in such a way that your thoughts become actions.

Use compassion on yourself and others, don’t be too harsh or speak in definite words, try asking questions like these: What can I say to make that person feel better? How can I stay motivated and what advice would I like to receive to feel better?

Seek out positive experiences, listen to people who inspire you, be a source of good feedback. When you share positive moments, you feel good about yourself and you lift the mood of other people who may be in need.

Exercise generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness with yourself and others. Remember the attention, the simple details, the little acts of kindness and courtesy. Smile, finally give thanks for all the small acts that feed the soul every day and may inadvertently go unnoticed and really make a big difference.

Recipe Positive


Positive Attitude – Act with kindness, initiative and good nature.

Good Eye – Look for a noble angle to what is happening.

Clarity – Having defined goals, a sense of purpose, and concrete objectives in order to act positively.

Calm – Self-care and control over negative reactions of others.

Determination – Don’t give up, look at obstacles as opportunities for growth.

Personal Affirmations to Act Positively:

“I choose the courage to act positive. I stay calm and have made a conscious decision to be a positive person, both in my actions and my thoughts. I recognize that my positive attitude is a powerful resource that can change circumstances.” I pledge to be a force for good in the world, facing challenges with fortitude and developing a positive mindset at all times.”

How you can act positively:

To act positively, you have to think positively and take the initiative to do so. Things don’t come alone, you have to go find them, create them and attract them. It’s hard to believe because one would think that positive things happen without effort.

When you act positively, your life circumstances change and horizons open up. When a person thinks positively, he becomes an agent who can change their circumstances and create opportunities to improve their quality of life.

Being positive is a method that is learned and perfected with practice. It is hard to believe that there is a positive gene that some have and others do not. One must learn to see the good in life in order to find reasons and opportunities where circumstances create obstacles and problems.

“Be the light that illuminates the way, the smile that illuminates hearts and the energy that spreads hope. The power to be a positive force is in your hands, start shining and you will see how to change your world”

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