Red cistus, a powerful antioxidant superfood with beauty properties

But how to use it? To find out more, let the expert speak: in this case, dr. Christian W. Engelbert, specialist in general medicine, homeopathy, and integrative medicine, based in Berlin.

Why is the red cistus such a special plant?
“It is a wonderful plant, an ancient and powerful shrub, which gives off a particular aroma of resin. Its roots are resistant to fire: after fires it regenerates quickly. When it is hot the plant lowers the petals waiting for the rain. In autumn the buds grow, while spring is harvest time. The petals and the above-ground parts of the plant are used. The cistus was used as early as the 4th century BC as herbal tea against infections, for digestive problems, during pregnancy and for cosmetic application. In 1999 the cistus was elected European Plant. At the basis of his choice was the research of Dr. Pandalis, a Greek pharmacist whose company produces very valid rock rose products, who has identified a particular type of rock rose in northern Greece “.

What are the main benefits of red cistus for our body?
“The most extraordinary is its antioxidant effect due to the great variety of polyphenols, flavonoids, essential oils, tannins. Most diseases, in our times, develop due to oxidative processes. The strong antioxidant effect of this plant helps against inflammations, viral infections, digestive problems, rheumatic diseases, and joint problems such as osteoarthritis. In addition, the red cistus detoxifies from heavy metals. In conclusion, we must use this plant for the prevention and additional treatment of diseases related to well-being. “

Why should we take it right now?
“Several studies, mainly conducted on the Cistus Incanus identified by Dr. Pandalis in Greece, demonstrate the effect of the plant in the treatment and prevention of symptoms related to Covid 19 infection. We can take it in tablets when we meet many people, or when traveling. , by bus, train or plane. Cistus tea, drunk 2-3 times a day, is also useful and effective “.

Is red cistus good for the skin too? Does it really have an anti-aging effect?
“Yes, of course, thanks to its properties the cistus makes the skin taut and smooth: the anti-wrinkle effect is visible. Our skin is extremely sensitive to oxidative processes (smoking is a “wonderful” method for creating oxidants and wrinkles). The cistus helps all tissues to regenerate, and also those of our face. The constant application of a cistus cream is an effective anti-aging support for the whole body. And don’t forget: beautiful skin is also the result of a healthy gut. So invest not only in expensive creams, but also in probiotics and prebiotics and natural food products ”.

The red cistus products to try

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