Red Dead Redemption is making a comeback on Switch and PS4 in an unexpected form

It fell yesterday: Rockstar brings Red Dead Redemption first of the name on Nintendo Switch and PS4. The game will be released on 08/17/2023 on eshop and the PS store, before a physical release scheduled for 10/13/2023. Obviously, this is an identical version to the one released in 2010 on PS3 and Xbox360except that the DLC Undead Nightmare will be automatically included.

No information regarding the multiplayer mode.

With such a basic port, you have to tell yourself that the game will be offered at a reduced price? Well no, the game will be at 50€.

A little taste of scam in the mouth

For the record, Red Dead Redemption first of the name is an open world happening in the time of cowboys, it puts us in the shoes of John Marston, a gangster in search of redemption. A game that marked its time, certainly, but that time was a long time ago. Since then we have had the right to a second episode, and RD1 is 5 balls away from any express cash.

In short, making games available is good, you have to maintain the video game memory. Releasing a 13-year-old title at full price, no.

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