Redistributive payment also for farms of 1-3 ha

This is one of the changes introduced in the 3rd version of the CAP Strategic Plan 2023-2027. It provides for the possibility of receiving payments to the first hectares by owners of farms with a farm area of ​​as little as 1 ha, entitled to basic income support.

The third version of the CAP Strategic Plan 2023-2027 was presented yesterday to the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. It was developed on the basis of comments submitted to the previous version, said Deputy Minister Anna Gembicka.

As noted by the deputy minister, the main changes concerned the conditions of the redistributive payment – it will also cover farms with 1-3 ha, it will be available for up to 30 ha, the payment is provided for farms up to 50 ha.

Who is the redistributive payment for?

This is another change regarding the payment of the redistributive payment in the new CAP.

Let us recall that in the second version of the Strategic Plan, the payment was to be granted to farms of 3-50 ha. It was planned to pay it up to 30 ha.

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In the third version of the SE it was stated that so far “8.3% of the direct payments budget has been allocated to this type of payments, granting support up to a maximum of 27 ha to all farms with an area of ​​more than 3 ha (actual benefits from its application were achieved by farmers with an area of ​​6 to 53 ha). ha). “

In the 3rd Strategic Plan of the CAP for 2023-2027 it is proposed to target the support to a maximum of 30 ha for farms with an area of ​​1 ha to 50 ha. “The actual benefit from this intervention will be achieved by farmers with farms ranging from 1 ha to approx. 45 ha” – stated.

The CAP 2023-2027 is to foster the small

In addition, it was noticed that the redistributive role will also be played by support to areas with natural or other specific constraints (LFA), as approx. 65% of the area supported by LFA is owned by farms with an area of ​​less than 25 ha, and another 18% by farms with an area of ​​25 ha to 50 ha. Similarly, with the higher payment for young farmers – the average area of ​​farms of young farmers is close to the national average (10 ha compared to 11 ha), support under this instrument will also contribute to the achievement of the goal of increasing the redistribution of funds to small and small farms. medium. Small farms are also to be favored by the requirements of eco-schemes.

What rate of redistributive payment?

As announced in the 3rd SE, due to the increase in the envelope for the redistributive payment and the supported area, the payment rate will also slightly increase – from currently approx. EUR 41 / ha on average to approx. EUR 44 / ha on average.

“Complementary redistributive income support, in addition to Basic Income Support, provided to farmers with minimal agricultural activity, is an instrument stabilizing their incomes, and thus immunizing against market fluctuations in the prices of inputs and agricultural products,” it was announced, adding that the lack of operation selection criteria, all applicants meeting the eligibility conditions are entitled to receive it.

The basic income support rate was calculated in the project at EUR 118 / ha.

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